Keep it simple!

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Keep it simple!

Are you that sort of person that starts a new project in life by making a long to do list? Or maybe you´re that, let´s start and choose direction during the way sort of personality? When starting something new whether it is in your personal life or in your business progress it's absolutely crucial to visualize the finishline clearly. Why?

Otherwise we often tend to start on new projects with big enthusiasm while slowly loosing interest after a short time. Recognize? Either way it´s always easier to keep it simple and almost basic to see our vision become doable.

We are so much habit creatures that it is really hard to change the way we do things during the day. But still we find ourselves dreaming of doing something else. Maybe loose weight or stop being nervous to talk in front of crowds. Perhaps to start a new carrier, a business of our own?

To be able to do that change in our life we have to know and plan everything we want to achieve and truly visualize what that change would mean to us. Having clear on what we want also gives us a picture on what we don´t want to miss out on. 

To do a simple mind map over the task at hand is so giving. Now don't get that look on your face like, what, a mind map nothing new? So simple. Yes, truly so simple but yet effective way to prepare our brain for a change. To see what we want, written in front of us makes the thought in your head suddenly become reality. Now that piece of paper can hang somewhere where you see it. Where you cannot forget that this is what you want, a thought can be forgotten but a written map is already one step heading for that new direction. 

Of course, having a mind map of your own is not going to change anything. However, the first step to a positive change in your life has been taken. Like the farmer putting a seed in the ground it now must be nurtured to grow. How? Well the next step is to take action, to make a step by step doable plan of action. That I will discuss in my next blog, "changing your reality".

Hope you enjoyed reading and please try this simple technique to see what your inner you has to say. Maybe you'll get surprised, possibly it will put that smile of possibilities on your face? If you like these kind of mind games feel free to join me at "rewire with Lucy" on Facebook where we discuss toppics like this and many many more.

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