Let's play Pretend!!

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Let's play pretend!

Have you ever played with the thought of who you would be, if not you? What kind of life would you live and where would you live? What would you do for a living if money wasn't an issue?

Brain science is constantly discovering new things about how the human brain works. One of them is that it is possible to brake old patterns who makes us live life a certain way. By actively rethink our auto reaction to situations and concisely choosing a new way we are able to rewire the way we, think, act and behave.

Now this gives us the possibility to change the whole way we live our life,almost like becoming a new you.

If we vision and set as a goal to let's say, live and work on Hawaii next year. By setting up a doable detailed plan on what it takes to get there we can see that it in fact it is, possible. Why do people often fail in new goal settings then? Why does such a dream stay just a dream for so many?

Well it does happen for some and they get there by following thru, by persisting and sticking to the plan. They continue even when they feel alone, when they are tired, when they feel scared. They continue even while others are laughing and they continue because they imagine them selves being there so strongly that they gradually become that new image of them selves. 

Is it eazy? No it's got dam hard!!! But if you really want it, if you feel that this is you then go, go after that dream. Make it real, make your reality change. Live your life as you wish, it is yours to live...

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