Marketers Lie... I Swore To Never Do It Again

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Marketers lie... I swore to never do it again.

How many times have you heard the sales pitch? Marketers telling you they have made thousands or millions of dollars with the click of the finger. They always have the answers to your problems, and half of them will tell you that they know " the secret". They'll tell you they will show you how to succeed in less time than it takes to lose 10 pounds. 

Don't get me wrong, not all marketers lie, but you have to be really careful. The digital marketing game is flooded with wanna-be's. Some of these marketers haven't made a dollar, yet they are marketing as if they have made millions.

Guess what? I was doing the same thing when I started. I decided not only was it not right, but I realized being honest is more sustainable. People are so much smarter these days. We are marketed to thousands of times on a daily basis. Every where we turn someone is trying to sell something. So people have become more aware of the propaganda-style advertising and can now tell the difference between someone who is talking out of their ass and someone who is being sincere. 

Forget about all of the "strategies" and "techniques" most marketers are selling you, because it won't work for you. If you haven't been working on yourself, developing your confidence and skills, it doesn't matter what marketing strategy you try -- and there are so many good ones but.... Marketing begins on the inside. If you don't know your real reason for getting into digital marketing, this business won't last for you. And yes, it's a business. Knowing why is just the start.

Start working on yourself from the inside out each and every day through disciplined rituals and a slow but steady lifestyle change. My only advice besides that is to get with the right crew who have a proven system and organizational structure. How many people do you know who have become successful without a team of like-minded people? I would say no one. You have to surround yourself with the right environment, and that starts with the right people. You will need at least one mentor who has already accomplished something similar to what you are setting out to accomplish.

I have no question that the group of mentors I have been working with for a year and a half now have helped me become a different person. Now I can be honest and say "NO, I have not made millions or even thousands marketing online yet. But I have made hundreds, and I may have taken many more years to get to this point of being honest, had I not joined these guys." Learning to do business the right way is the only way, and I had to learn it the hard way.

Stop being lied to. If you're falling for marketing jargon and falling flat on your face over and over again, then you haven't developed yourself enough. The more honest you become with yourself, the easier you will be able to know what group of people are being honest with you. You will also grow some balls and be honest with your audience.

That is what will make the difference. This is how you will become the marketer who actually gaining an audience and growing a business that will one day be sustainable. You're always open to come work with me, but I can't guarantee success. I can only let you know that I will be as honest as they f-ing come. I will not be a "yes man". And you need that. My mentors didn't take it easy on me, and it's the best thing that could've happened to me. Be honest with yourself. Is this business right for you? If you have the guts to find out if you really have what it takes, I'll let you know.

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