Me and the Law of Attraction Part 1

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The Law of Attraction Working in Mysterious Ways


The Law of Attraction is one of the most profound laws in our universe. It governs everything around us. Although, it never comes in the way that we think it will. Countless times in my life I have manifested things, and they have come into my life, but never in the way, I was expecting. It is so important to continue to manifest and practice the law of attraction because even when you think it is not working, it is, you just don’t recognize it yet.

A few months back Rich and I were beginning to make some traction with our online business. We made the decision to have me leave my full-time job at Harvard Law School to take a part-time job doing digital marketing for a smaller company, this way freeing up extra time for me to write, and work on our site. That being said, me leaving my full-time job also meant that we were going to have less income coming into the house, even though the online business was beginning to get some traction.

Rich and I live in literally the only apartment in this affluent historic town in Massachusetts (how we ended up here is a whole other manifestation story within itself.) The apartment is virtually an in-law apartment on the property of a retired husband and wife that spend most of the year in the Mediterranean or Europe. The deal was for us to keep an eye on their property while they are away in exchange for a low rent rate in comparison to the area (again another crazy manifestation story so stay tuned for that one.) Rich and I always would sit in our kitchen and look out the window across the lawn and say to each other things like “don’t you just love their house” and “someday we’ll have a house like that.” Those thoughts and words were seeping into the universe… and the universe was listening.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know me, I worry about money… A lot. Quite frankly to an irrational degree. Yes, I did grow up without a lot of money, but I am fortunate enough to never have been dead broke. But nonetheless, there we were, living in Massachusetts on all the sudden almost one salary. Like many of us rent is one of our most expensive bills. Rich and I joke together a lot, and we would often joke about what it would be like to not have to pay rent, or not have my student loan and so forth.

One night I was coming home and walked into our living room to find Rich on his hands and knees with towels and a giant industrial-sized trash barrel that he found in the garage, collecting the water that was pouring in from the ceiling. Come to find out there was an ice dam that had formed on the roof and the moisture had leaked down and now created a hole in the ceiling.

The landlords were home for the holidays and came over to look at the damage and discuss the options. After going back over the lease and explained how we were entitled to reduced rent because of the damages. Also, over the past year and a half of living next door to this couple and taking care of their property, we had developed a decent friendship with them as well. They also ended up offering their house for us to stay in while the work was being done, redoing the apartment, seeing as they were headed back to the Mediterranean anyway.

So there we were… A hole in the ceiling was the universe’s way of bringing us to living in the house we loved for the time being and saving money on our rent. These are the examples of how we have to keep our eyes open. The universe through the Law of Attraction will always give us what our energy projects, good or bad. I believe why so many don’t understand the Law of Attraction is because much of the time our manifestations are brought to us in ways that we never could have even imagined them happening. I was putting energy into the universe hoping to find ways to save money… who would have guessed that it would have been given to me through uncontrollable apartment damage and a reduction in our rent and on top of that, the number of times we talked about how beautiful it would be to have to opportunity to live in a house like the one our neighbors did, and that same scenario brought us that manifestation as well.

The older I get, the more I understand and utilize the law of attraction. Everything you put out into the world you receive. Create the life you desire and live it. Dream about it day and night, soon enough it will present itself to you. More likely than not it will be unrecognizable in the beginning but the more aware you are, the more you will be able to control your own destiny.

By Using the Law of Attraction, I will always create the life of my dreams!



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