Mind Control!

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Hello everyone,

Day 64 is here and up again 6am to the obnoxious alarm.  I did a bit of a different workout today as I have not done it for a while. I did this for 3 rounds with 60 seconds’ rest in between.

·         15 squats

·         20 Russian twists with a 4-kg kettlebell

·         15 Sumo squats

·         20 Leg raises

I don’t know what it is about the leg raises but they really get the heart pumping.

I wanted to follow on from yesterday in regards to thoughts as I meditated this morning and it had a real impact on my day.  I was more aware of my thoughts and my day went quite smoothly, I did not get as flustered as I normally do.

I am also wondering if the B12 is now kicking in, my digestion seems to be settling down more at the moment.  The calm thoughts might be helping too as your thoughts can affect your body more than you realise.

If you think that when you get angry you tense up inside and your chest tightens, it’s all a response to your thoughts.  I want to empower myself more and this is the way forward.  Taking responsibility for your life, it’s so easy to blame others or situations but you have control of your mind and by extension the way you feel.  It’s about finding out and knowing what steps to take, but it all has to come from you for you, no one else can do it for you.

Go play with your mind control and see what happens!

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