Mind the gap – the difference how you imagined your life would be and how it actually is

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Mind the gap – the difference how you imagined your life would be and how it actually is

When I was a little kid maybe you can relate to this, the teacher asked the class what you want to be when you grow up. Everyone else was saying things like a firefighter, a teacher, a doctor but I didn’t have a clue. Everyone else kind of followed down this path of what they thought they wanted or their parents told them which would be the best way to be successful.

For many of us this was the last time we believed that anything is possible. Since then we have been told to grow up and be realistic. Where did that bring us?

How many people do you know who went through school, they graduated with the degree and they got a job for the money not because it made them feel happy but because we all have bills to pay.

I know too many people who went to university, did a great course and have never use it for work purposes. It’s sad to think that you spend £30k - £40k on a uni degree to never actually use it.

You have this idea in your head of how you’d like your life to look, and chances are it will never turn out as expected - and that’s where that famous London mind the gap phrase comes in.

That’s why it’s always good to adapt or re skill and do something that you love rather than just out of necessity.

You probably think it’s difficult? I don’t know what I like and I still need to earn money.

Let’s do quick maths here, average person would probably work 8h per day, 40h per week, take away weekends, holiday and days off and multiply by 46 weeks = 1840 hours per year! I mean to spend nearly 2000 hours on something just because pays the bills it’s just crazy especially these days when we have access to so much within one click!

So let me ask you a question - what is your passion? What if you could monetise your passion and turn it into your fulltime job? Could you imagine a job that you can’t get enough of?

Take a moment to think about it and I encourage you to take action today, do not waste anymore time and start looking because the possibilities are endless…

Life is made of choices..choose wisely!

Have a fabulous day & speak soon

Bea  xx 

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