Misconceptions around death - 1


"Last year my wife died, and there are a couple of things that I’ve been struggling with I think.
One of it is the letting go part.

I keep feeling her in my house."

People talk about acceptance about these things.

And what we would like you to accept is different than what most people think they are accepting.
We don’t want you to accept that your relationship is over and that she is gone.

We want you to accept that it is DIFFERENT.
We don’t want you to accept that she is gone. We want you to accept that she is present and interested.

We don’t want you to accept to let go.
We do want you to accept that you do have to let go of anything that is painful.

Because you can’t have a true connection with who you really are or with her, as long as you are focused in A WAY that makes you feel uncomfortable.

But there is something so much more pleasing for you that you are on the cusp of experiencing


Once you let go of
• the misunderstandings about death
• the misunderstandings about what happens after death
• the misunderstanding of the interests of your dearly not so departed

They make a transition from being focused in the physical body to being completely focused in their non-physical being.


But excepting the wholeness of who they are, will help you to become whole.
Whole in a way that you have never been before, you see.

There is such a big misunderstanding about this physical and non-physical.
You in your physical bodies are extensions of non-physical.

There is so much of you that is non-physical all of the time.
Even when the two of you were messing around in your physical experiences together.

Your relationship even then was more about, both of you non-physical essences coming FORWARD.
And that part is still vivid for her, not for you.

Because you are choosing to, and it’s alright because most people do-
You are choosing to look at LIFE and DEATH,

There is no death, but life and weird life, DIFFERENTLY than it really is.

We wanna remind you, and we know you know this, but whenever you feel
•  Grieve or
•  Pain of any kind
•  Negative emotion of any kind
• Whether it is anger or sth. lighter like frustration

Whenever you feel any of this negative emotion, it ALWAYS MEANS, that you and your inner being have a difference of opinion on what you are thinking about.

So that is very important to realize. Because your inner being is thinking about what you are thinking about.

But your inner being’s UNDERSTANDING about what you are thinking about is different than your understanding of what you are thinking about.

So you are OFF THE SIGNAL.

What grieve is really all about

And so grieve is really the most interesting one. Because grieve for humans is abbot
- separation and about
- loss

And since there isn’t any separation and there isn’t any loss your inner being is NEVER FOCUSING that way.
And when you do, you cause a vibrational riff between you and you.

When Jerry, Esther’s beloved made his transition she was SO SAD.

And she wanted so much to find him. And she was mad at him because he wasn’t obvious.
In fact, she couldn’t find him ANYWHERE.

And it took a while for her to feel that and be mad about it.
And we told Esther, you gotta stop looking for him where he isn’t. And start looking for him WHERE HE IS.

Well, that got her attention, because of course, she has been playing with us for all these years.
She knows about non-physical.

She knows that we ARE REAL.
But she had accepted us as a non-physical collective consciousness, maybe some of what you call god is.

But she wasn’t thinking about Jerry this way. She just wanted Jerry. She just wanted the vibrational essence of Jerry.

She accepted she couldn’t have Jerry. He was long gone. She knew. There was no point in looking around for him.
He wasn’t gonna come back into his physical body.

But she wanted his essence. And it bothered her, that he felt so much like Abraham.
She didn’t want him to feel like Abraham.

She wanted him to feel like Jerry.

Well he is not ever gonna feel quite like Jerry because he left all behind
-  any insecurities
-  any things that were bothering him.

He left all this behind.

So the pure essence of who he now is, all of the YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR part.
And so when you feel ABSENCE of someone, it’s because you are vibrationally different than they are.

When you feel the presence of them it’s because you are vibrationally the SAME as they are.
And so what’s happening to you, and you know it when you hear us say it.

So whatever reason you are not focused upon the absence you are forgetting for a moment the grieve that you’ve been feeling.

And not doing the thing you do, that keeps you from receiving her, you RECEIVE HER.
And then almost as soon as you receive her, you decide to start missing her again.

Because you are receiving someone who feels different. Because we are different in non-physical.
• We are NOT WORRIED about stuff.
• We are NOT FOCUSED upon the stuff that you are pushing against.

- We are Pure
- We are Joy
- We are Love

And so, when you let yourself be there, then you feel that.
Think about here just for a little why of an amplified emotional guidance system.

Just a little bit. Just an amplification of THAT.

So that’s basically what we wanted to say to you.
And now we want to hear anything you want to say about it.


....to be continued.

thank you so much for reading. I hope you had a great time and I do my best to publish the next article as soon as I can.

Until then. All the best & more.

Yours, Alex

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