Misconceptions around death - 2



How can I help my daughters to cope with the loss? Especially one of my daughters is not quite the same ever since.

The doctors are saying, put her on prescription drugs for it, but this is like the last thing I wanna do.
Well, that would ease her from being disconnected, but it would also keep her from being able to personally control her not connection.

It is not the best idea for sure. But before we talk specifically about this important question and these important people, we want to talk to you just a little bit about

HUMANITY IN GENERAL, who are so confused about the way physical and non-physical interact.

Here we are wanting to help all of you.
Get to the doorway of your vortex. We are where everything that you want is.

We are where the larger part of you is.
And we are so familiar with that, that there is just no distinction to mention.

No distinction between the physical you and the non-physical you.
We just want so much for the whole life that you are to be PRESENT in what you are doing.

Moment by moment.
But humans don’t operate like that. They misunderstand the relationship with ALL OF THIS.

They focus upon the manifestations and then they have EMOTIONAL RESPONSES to the manifestations.
So humans have forgotten that they are here to focus and to guide their thoughts.

To guide their thoughts in order to accomplish a relationship

• with their power and
• with their leverage and
• with their alignment

And there are a lot of us who are talking about that inorderr to help humans come more and more into alignment with who they are.

And those like you

- are knowing it and
- remembering it and
- finding resonance with it
- and experiencing it
- and are happier BECAUSE OF IT.

A belief is just a thought you continue to think.

But there are so many people that continue to hold thoughts that aren’t serving you. Instead the pinch you off from what you really know and who you really are.

And as a result of that, there are big streams of rivers of thoughts that are so pervasive around you. That even when you find a thought, that is resonant with what your inner being knows and how it really is;

You are sort of, for a while, fighting an uphill battle, BECAUSE so many people are thinking otherwise.

You get what we are talking about.

Especially you get what we are talking about. Because you go to a funeral and act all cheerful, and they just think you are WEIRD.

You are just not supposed to feel good about someone coming into their wholeness.
You are just not supposed to feel good about someone who just letting go of all resistance.

And now being non physically focused where then can fully be focused here with you, HERE AND NOW.

You are not supposed to like that, even though it is SUCH a wonderful experience once you tap into the energy of that.

So, getting your children to know this is asking them to not believe what almost everybody believes.
It’s sort of a big thing to do.

But when you know something to be, then it is easy to explain or teach to the clarity of your example.
So you don’t have to say to them too much right now that is really going to help them.

Because you are hurting still so much too. Even more in many ways.
But once you find your balance on this. And once you begin feeling the WHOLENESS flowing.

The little ones often now it. The older you get, the more you’ve been steeped into believes that are surrounding you.


Believes that are based upon flawed premises all the way.

Not too long after Jerry made his transition, Esther was on the Texas property on the golf course with her grand kids.

And so Esther would play a game, Let’s see how fast the get from here to there and then to over here and to over there.

So they were all sitting on the golf cart and having so much fun driving around like maniacs.

And then they began noticing that every place they ended up, the roadrunner was standing right there waiting for them.

No matter where they were going. Just like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Sometimes he took a different route, sometimes he flew a little bit. But he ALWAYS went to where they were going.

And then little Luke said, grandma, I think Jerry is using that roadrunner’s eyes to watch us.
Well of course he was.

And Luke was young enough to know that. Young enough pick up on that and know THE CAPABILITY of non physical.

The intertwining of non physical.

Older people would say, oh that’s just silly. Or, oh you’re just in delusion or in denial.
You just need to let go.

And we say, the harder you try to let go, the HARDER roadrunners and such, are going to show you that you can’t get away from us.

You are the extension of that which we are.


to be continued..................

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed yourself a lot.

Please stay tuned for the final chapter of this article coming out very soon.

Yours, Alex