Money Mindset and its importance

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Money mindset! One of my favourite topics for sure. I believe in order to get wealth, prosperity and abundance in life you must look at your mindset. 

What are your beliefs about Money? Have you ever really looked deep into your past especially those early years in childhood when beliefs are being established in our minds by either our parents, teachers or friends? 

As Napoleon Hill said with the title of his phenomenal book "Think and Grow Rich", can you really think yourself rich? I believe that this is not only possible but the best chance to build wealth.

As Bob Proctor talks in his book "You were born rich" we really need to correct a misconception in our lives, one of them being that Money is not important or Money isn't everything. This is simply not true and it will become evident when we don't have food to put on our table or tax our car or pay our bills. Money plays an important part in our existence. It only becomes a problem when it becomes a master and not a servant in our lives.

In order to attract money into our lives, we must have "prosperity consciousness". And how do we achieve that? We visualize ourselves already in possession of that abundance that we want. We have to make money the highest value and feel worthy of achieving it. Bob Proctor said that " people don't feel comfortable about the money because they have it, but they have it because they feel comfortable about it". Get the feeling that money is already part of your life and that you deserve it. One thing that never should be done is to worry about obtaining it. It is very easy for doubts to creep into our minds under the influence of various external sources but we must trust our inner guidance and feelings that lie within us. The moment we start to have worrisome thoughts our bodies become tense and thoughts negative, which will only attract that kind of vibration, a vibration of lack in our lives. 

Subconscious place it's a powerful place that stores our beliefs on what life should look like for us, beliefs on what we can or cannot do in life, beliefs on whether we deserve success and prosperity that we want. We must disturb these beliefs and address them if we are to believe in "prosperity consciousness" that Bob Proctor is talking about.

As the saying goes "if you think you can or can't, you are right". So take the first step and think yourself rich and you will start creating shifts in your mind that will put you on the journey of prosperity and abundance that you deserve. 

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