More Car Trouble. Good!


Hi Accented Family. Can you believe it. Another car issue. Well, the best thing to do was to just fix it, right? Ok, so last Sunday while driving to my tennis meetup group, I noticed my car overheating again. I couldn't understand as I had just replaced my radiator by myself. So I figured I must have missed something while doing that. Turned out I did overlook the tightening up of one of the coolant pipes which explained the overheating. Coolant spilled everywhere, but I couldn't care less whether someone was going to help or not. (Thanks to my morning rituals that sets the tone for the day). I got to work and fitted the pipe back on, threw some more coolant in and I thought would've been the end of my situation....nope! As I'm driving to my tennis group which luckily was one block away, it started rapidly overheating again. This time I was already one hour late for my match. I figured to park my car in a paid parking area, went to play what ever was left my time, came back out and yep you guessed it, I googled "radiator troubleshoot" and Ta-da! I find out I needed to bleed out the air that was stuck in the radiator. I immediately went to a church that was next to where I had parked, asked for masking tape, because that is what was required to tape over the funnel to fit snugly tight over the opening of the radiator and did exactly what the youtube guy told me to do. The youth pastor who happened to be there offered to drive me to a gas station so I could buy some more coolant. We shared a lot in that short ride. In about 20 minutes the air was bled out and my car was running like an Austin Martin that was drivin for the first time....well, not quite, but you get the picture. lol The next day I made sure to go to my friend who had a toasty warm garage to help me ensure that the pipe wasn't going to come loose ever again. Till next time Hasta luego. The Accented Guy Quinnie

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