Multivariate Mindset 21!

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The Multivariate Mindset 21!

The Multivariate Mindset 21 (MM21) is created during many years and is highly experiencebased and constantly in progress. Fundamental in the design is the approach to life and the world with a feeling of "it´s my birthright to be happy". This can be a challange when we are feeling tired an down, but in MM21 this is natural and all situations demands power, energy and health at first. If we have energy and health the opportunity for our unique success is obvius.

MM21 has undergone many trips, from a technical-theory-physical-anatomical-cause-effect-performance-action-chemical approach to a emotional-relations-hormone-context-interactional approach, and everything in between. Life is not constant and to gain quality we also need vitality.

In my first article I highlighted the importance of feeling accepted, free and belonging. For this we need a context and a structure for interaction that confirm us, otherwise we cannot performe and our health will get imbalanced.

Article two  touched my fascination regarding the digital system setup and the possibilites to create my own unique plan in collaboration with others and a fantastic support-team.

When article three was in progress I really was completely in the process and drove intensively with the article close to hand while learning new things from the work in modules for digital settings.

As always after a productive and intense period, my lifestyle for balance and health started to remind me that it was time for something else than the digital world and fortunatly I had a trip planned to Lovund-Norway with yoga collegues and teachers. A lot of practice, good food and amazing nature transformed the hard work before the trip to courage, stability, trust and led to that ideas became more clear.

The Multivariat Mindset 21 is a design to wich I have always returned to in difficult situations but today I see it as preventive and most of all as a lifestyle for successfull living.

Act with transformation and vitality is one fundamental part to progress in Multivariate Mindset 21, we always need to empower vitality and transformation.

If you like to have some digital structure, business ideas or just need to progress, sign in for free below, you can also check my not structured page for further information about The Multivariate Mindset 21.

In service,

Erika Strömsten


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