My Life My Way - Sustaining Good Feelings - Meditation Can Do That (Day 2)

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How I Am Feeling Now

Today I am so excited to be out in this vast landscape of opportunities and know everything always turns out well.

Wednesday is a fine day for questions I am going to pose to you, and why not start, in my opinion, the greatest question anyone can ask about themselves: How am I feeling now? 

Low Feelings For No Reason

How am I feeling now? This is the fundamental question I asked myself everyday for hours and days on end. Amidst this I pondered if it was ever possible to reach and maintain this good feeling state for the rest of all my physical days.

This was so because even though I was beginning to feel good most of the time there were moments when I found myself temporarily in a low mood for no apparent reason. I often told myself it must be the stars.

Sustaining A Continuous High

Okay, now how do I work with the low moods to turn them towards better feelings so that I can create this higher state on a permanent basis?

Everytime I felt this painful way I progressively challenged myself to find some way to come up with a solution. I knew meditation was used for centuries to achieve different states through a prolonged period of relaxation and focus.

I surfed the internet everyday and explored all the types of meditations I could do to reach and sustain happiness. I wanted something that would be addressing the physical side of my being too.

Meditation To Energise

My immense desire to come up with a meditation process to improve my physical wellness resulted in a novel way to communicate with all the cells of my body effectively. This is a simple meditation technique that has helped me to reach a state of joy everyday of my life.

Today my life is a continuous, never ending pleasant journey from the moment I awake to untiI I get into a sleep state when I go to bed.

Open Communication Lines

Tomorrow is Thursday and it is a great day to explain the process of comprehensively opening lines of connection to our entire body and the fifty trillion or more cells that we are all made of.

Talking To Cells: The Words

I created hese words that are spoken when you begin to practise energy meditation. They go like this.

"I feel every cell in my entire body is completely relaxed and energised with the free flow of pure energy."

Take some time to look at your body and run your eyes from your head to your toes and back from your feet to your head, simultaneosly repeating the above words. Remember to always be at ease and in a relaxed state. 

Feel free to create your own words too to enhance communicating with your cells and body effectively.

For me life is a cabaret and I approach everything in a playful and cheerful manner and I sincerely wish that you approach this energy meditation as an essential game of life too and have much fun with it.


All the books and researches I did on meditation and other valuable self improvement tips really inspired me so much. My sincere appreciation for the dedication, time and effort to everyone that so willingly shared all that they themselves learnt to create their own processres.

I love for you to join me for Day 3 and in the interum I hope you do feel good and be as happy as I am.

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