My Spiritual Awakening

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My 11:11 Spiritual Awakening “I Am That, I Am” 02/26/2016

A Short story of my awakening to who I am and why I am here. Which lead me to the discovery of the SFM community ( who have helped me find my path to a financially free lifestyle and much more...


   As winter lingers in the beautiful State of Montana, on the night of 03/8/18. While I was in the zone of meditation and self-improvement. Awareness came to my mind and I realized how much my action and decision-making skills are influenced by my own thoughts and beliefs. In fact, it makes sense why that is so!

For Example: My choices, actions and influence are based upon my beliefs from my birth, through the evolved state to that which I Am in the Now! Growing up my beliefs and opinions were based upon that of my family, friends, loved ones and all of whom I grew up and surrounded myself with. Also, from the education, advice & experience from schooling, religion and societal teachings which are all part of my overall education and evolution. (This is the case for all of us) It is well that we as individuals become aware of the positive & negative influences all around us. “In my studies of science and physics there is a phrase known as the implicate and explicate order of things.” Growing up since our birth, we are taught by example (explicate order), through actions and behaviors “the External has more power and influence than the Internal.” While at the same time we're taught vocally “the internal has more power and influence than the external.”

The quote “You create your own reality” Is a well-known phrase throughout our cultures and at the very least appears to be somewhat accurate. If I am honest with myself and I ask, do I create my reality, or is it just my perception? Our beliefs come from our hearts, not our brains and I believe there is evidence to prove it!

Intuitively the phrase that comes to mind is "their lips draw near to me, but their hearts are far from me"     - Yeshua/Jesus

American author Gregg Braden (truly an enlightened soul) and many other scientists/physicists/doctors etc... Have disclosed evidence of how our own thoughts create the reality we live. I highly recommend reading up on him and his work :)

"The eternal body of man, is the imagination of his god himself"

-The Devine Matrix by Gregg Braden

My Story

   I would like to begin telling part of my awakening story which lead me to writing this blog. It was Saturday February 25th, 2016 around 10pm. I was just getting home from work to find my children in bed, going to sleep and my wife on her way there. This seemed to be the Norm for me, even for a Saturday. After taking care of some things inside I went outside in my back yard to be with my thoughts (peace & quiet) which I often would do after my family was in bed. The stars looked beautiful as they lit up the night sky, I was feeling overly stressed and frustrated with my world around me as I was at the end of my rope mentally, physically and emotionally. While gazing at the stars I held out my hands and began to spill out my thoughts and emotions vocally. I can’t be sure how long my little rant went on, I believe 15-20 mins. Some of which I specifically remember. I started by addressing the sky in my frustrations, by the name of “Jesus, Alien, ET, Spirit, Universe, etc... anything or anyone that can give me truth, without all the dogma that I feel I Am surrounded by everywhere I go! I said things like, “I’m tired of all the lip service. This world is fake. It is not my own. I don’t want to live in Ignorance anymore. I want the Truth, for what it is. Even if it condemns me!” When I was finished with my little rant, a phrase common to many came to my mind. “There lips draw near to me, but their hearts are far from me”. This is commonly known as a Jesus Quote. (I also believe I was loud enough, that if anyone was within 50 yards of me, they might have thought I belong in Rivendell (institution for the mentally impaired/handicap or gifted) lol. When I was finished with my little rant, I went back inside my shop. Just inside the door on my work bench was my radio, tuned to 1290 am talk radio. I was usually caught up in politics and trying to pay attention while thinking “I prefer to stay informed” Right…. Lol

Let me back up just little bit…

I can’t be sure how long but for some time, (several months before) I was seeing numbers. I mean, for several months prior to this night of 02/25/16, I had been noticing sequences of numbers that were happening more and more frequently. Such as… I would look at the clock, my phone, vehicle, watch, Sign displays etc. And it would show 11:11, 11:38 (which were and continue to be the most frequent) 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and many other sequences of numbers such as 12:12, 12:21, 10:01, 10:10 etc. One day while sitting in crowded traffic at a red light. I glanced at my phone which sat in its holder next to my vehicle radio and they both read “3:33”. I smiled at the thought and looked back up at the traffic sitting in front of me. And just then I noticed the vehicles license plate in front of me read “333”, with no other letters or numbers, just “333”. I thought to myself “WOW! What are the mathematical possibilities of all these numbers appearing like this, or me noticing them with such synchronicity?” (And it would happen without prior awareness of thought or intent I might add)

Back to when I entered my shop…

As I entered my shop, I noticed the time on my radio read “11:11”. The thought then came to my mind “What is the deal with these numbers”, and that I should google it. So, I sat down at my computer and googled 1111. I began to skim through the different links, observing what others had to say, for what seemed to be maybe 15-20mins. I was lost in my thoughts, without very many recollections of specifics, I was suddenly overcome with an array of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The notion of Spiritual Awareness came over me (Massive epiphany) and I felt as though a flood of information was downloaded into my mind. The information was more Esoteric than linier, and it was all in the “Now”. I felt as though everything made sense and I understood. While at the same time, this overwhelming feeling of Love and Compassion came over me, like nothing I had ever felt before. I remember feeling my entire body tingling all over, especially my head. And for the first time in my life, I could honestly say “I love myself” and I was full of Joy & happiness. At this point I began to Journal my thoughts in a standard black note book. I remember my thoughts revolving around 2 core principles, Love & Compassion. I remember glancing at the time which read 12:36am. I also felt the urge to text my best friend and then I went upstairs to wake my wife @ 1:00am. “She was not a happy camper”, but I felt that I needed to talk to her while things were fresh on my mind. After giving her a few minutes to wake more fully, sitting on the couch and listening to her protest. I began to tell her about my experience and how I Am a New Man and things were going to change for the both of us, for the better. I wasn’t exactly sure of the details, but I received a glimpse of who I Am and why I Am Here! And things were going to get better and one day we would be traveling the world. I conveyed to my wife that my entire paradigm had shifted, and I was no longer a religious man or the person I used to be. "I Am Spiritual. I Am an Eternal Soul and so are You. We are eternal souls, housed inside our corporeal avatar bodies. And our reason for Being, is Eternal. We are here to Live & Love oneanother. We’re here to create a benevolent and peaceful world. For we are all part of the Human Family and our spiritual desires are to overcome our Fears and raise our Vibrations through human-self-evolution." There is a point at which we each reach our own state of spiritual ascension while in corporeal form. There is no right or wrong and everything has its purpose. This state resembles a form of graduation, much like in our 3D paradigm of graduating one grade and moving into a higher grade.

It was at this point in my life, I became aware of my own intuitive thoughts and I began to follow my passions and desires. Which had everything to do with my spiritual growth, learning, and of course the Truth. I acquired a passion to research and teach myself of our history, science, religion, health (body, mind & spirit) etc. through the eyes of Academics. I downloaded audio books onto my phone and listened to them almost every day while I worked. I soon found myself becoming fascinated with the information. My greatest fascinations were in the realms of new science & meta physics. Soon I realized, there really is no separation of the real/3D physical world from the real/multi D metaphysical world. And it is Consciousness that controls the physical through the metaphysical.  I found myself spending long hours and late nights (sometimes all night) researching random things from intuitive thought. Many times at that moment, when I would get ideas and random epiphanies throughout the day. From books, Articles, studies, Journalism etc. I would read and check sources and following the money to the best of my abilities. (searching for the truth can be difficult) I now understand a great deal more, why people live with so much fear and chaos consumes. While at the same time, realizing I spent nearly 33 years of my life caught up in it, as are the majority. (Which is what I would consider to be the Norm, or silent majority) lol. “I don’t mean that most people are caught up in religion and politics. But that we are all part of a system, where most people are ignorant toward, or have no idea what truth is.” As I continue my journey pondering my life experiences to this day, I can honestly say “I Am at Peace with Who I Am. I have discovered God with-in myself and others, and I Am Truly Grateful”. I have also discovered there are many hundreds, if not thousands of other individuals waking up to having very similar experiences as my own. I feel very confident to say, “we have entered a golden age and we have a bright future ahead of us!” It is my hope for the reader to understand my intensions truly are benevolent. Which is to speak the truth with love and compassion to the best of my abilities, as I discern for myself. I ask that you not take my words or advice as absolute but do your own investigations and discover truth for yourself!

2/15/2017 Intuitive thought:

"I know not what I've been taught, and seek to know what I know not! Nearly a year now I have sought, for that which I've forgot! :-)

PS. I would like to thank SFM for giving me this opportunity in education, learning & growth to become a digital lifestyle entrepreneur. And showing me a reliable path to financial freedom. :)

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