Overcome Negative Money Beliefs To Achieve Success Online

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We all have deep-rooted money beliefs that are clearly unsupportive, and often, we are not aware of them. These beliefs started from our childhood, the culture we grew up in, social environment, and personal experiences.

When we have beliefs that are limiting, they are detrimental to the big dreams we have for our business and in all areas of our lives.

Sadly, the results of the negative beliefs we hold around money, affect our relation to it, our ability to generate it, and our worthiness to receive it.

To conquer them, we need to be aware of them. It takes consistent focusing on improving our money beliefs to a successful mindset, but it will open up the possibility of more money and better ways of relating to wealth.

At first, instead of recognising them, we tend to blame the circumstances that are around us, but it is our responsibility to take charge.

Our Money Beliefs And How It Affects Our Money Matters

Have you ever heard any of these statements? - It would be reasonable if you did. I remember hearing them when I was young:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Rich people are greedy
  • You have to work hard for money
  • Money is not important
  • The rich get richer the poor get poorer
  • We have always been poor
  • It is selfish to want a lot of money
  • Time is money

Those sayings above, are simply MADE UP.

They’re only self-limiting beliefs, they were thoughts seeded, unintentionally, in our minds by people we trusted or spent a lot of time within our formative years.

How To Change Negative Money Beliefs

Our biggest obstacle is our mindset that keeps us clinched to those limiting beliefs.

More than likely, you are well aware of them, but if you are like me, you know it is not an easy task, simply because the old habit patterns keep reappearing in our mind.

To overcome them, we need to apply, change, shift and eradicate those unsupportive beliefs to start changing our money mindset, but it relies entirely on our commitment, habits, drive and passion levels.

I believe in the Law of Attraction, and for years I have been following Abraham-Hicks. Here are some excerpts from The Essential Law of Attraction book. I hope they help you as much as they have been helping me:

You Get What You Think About

The subject of money is really two subjects:

1. Money, plenty of money, the feeling of freedom and ease that plenty of money can provide.

2. Absence of money, not nearly enough money, the feeling of fear and disappointment that the thought of absence of money induces.

Being aware of how we really think, and more importantly, how we feel about money is essential.

You begin by identifying how you want to feel or be, and let your inspiration offer you better-feeling thoughts. Think exactly what you want, and look for positive aspects.

Feel Appreciation for What You Have

If you have trouble with appreciation, you are not alone. Some people find it easier than others; I wasn't easy for me.

I frequently took things for granted; I kept longing for what I didn't have, and I formed the habit of focusing on what was going wrong in my financial situation instead of what was going well.

Having a negative or positive mindset is a choice. By spending a little time each day appreciating what is, and visualising what you would like to experience in your life, you will eventually begin to notice subtle changes around you.

Keep an appreciation journal and get into the habit of writing as many positive aspects as we could find.

I have been getting into the habit of doing this, and I don't miss a day. Every morning I sit down and write in my journal a list of all the things I appreciate and enjoy in my life.

Try it; you will find that you will feel more joyful, more energetic, and happier.

There are other benefits; it reduces blood pressure, lowers stress hormones, and even makes your immune system stronger. Many psychologists believe that appreciation is the most essential and powerful constituent of well-being. Truly astounding!


Meditation Will Bring Awareness

Meditation is an excellent way to start, it allows you to relax and train your mind to redirect your thoughts. It helps you to improve awareness of yourself and your feelings.

It also helps you to observe your thoughts so that you are less controlled by them. When you detach from your thoughts and become more like an observer, you will be a much calmer, much more appreciative and more productive person.

Eventually, you will notice a gradual and effective change in the way you perceive everything around you. It does work, I have experienced it, but give it time, and you will succeed.

Reframe Your Negative Money Patterns

Our brain does not distinguish between what is happening in the outer world of reality and what is happening in the inner world of your mind.

Therefore, you can mentally rehearse the desired experience via thought alone.

When your mind and body are working as one, you will rewrite your automatic habits, attitudes, and other unwanted subconscious programs.

Our Past Conditioning About Money Hinder Our Income Earning Potential

When selling your services, skills, or time for a salary or consultancy, there are so many hours in a day you can work before burnout occurs, which means there is a restrictive limit or cap on your income.

We grew up believing that by investing a lot in education, we were entitled to have careers for life. Then we went out to the world to become employees or career professionals.

The book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter talks about the importance of financial literacy and to create our own business if we want to have an uncapped earning potential.

Money is Energy

What is your energy drawing into your life? And how is it serving you? Or is it pushing away the things, people and outcomes you desire most?

Positive energy attracts positive outcomes like success, wealth, and happiness.

Everything is energy, including all human beings. We are energy, our thoughts, our words, our emotions and our money, too, is made up of energy, this energy, like everything else, is impacted by the thoughts, word, and feelings.

To change your vibration or energy and the way you feel about money, start to think about how you can add value to other people’s lives.

The more you appreciate, the more the Law of Attraction will bring evidence of everything you desire.

The best scenario is to desire something and to bring yourself into the belief or expectation of achieving it.

If you’re unhappy with your finances, it’s time you changed your financial ‘story’.

Take an honest look at your ‘financial blueprint’. You need to uncover once and for all the negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems blocking your income potential.

Money flows to you when you manifest the energy inside of you.

Thoughts are mental energy; they're the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don't want. - Dr Wayne Dyer

What Can You Do To Improve Your Financial Well-Being?

What about learning how to make a $10K.

Ask yourself: “How can I provide $10k of value out there in the world?”

When you reframe your money mindset beyond scarcity and fear, your brain creates new neural pathways to channel greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

It is never too late to discover a powerful online selling system that people all around the world are using to start and grow a profitable online business.

You will be amazed by the people who leverage it and are grateful for the lifestyle it provides. Feel the energy?

If you have been working on releasing those negative money beliefs, I'd love to hear the methods that have been most useful to you. Please share them.

To Your Success


P.S Your future is in your hand, give up those unsupportive conversations around money, start investing in yourself and get happy.

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