How I Went From Feeling Like A Pack Horse To A Woman Of Purpose

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Sometimes it seems like something in you just clicks.

You may have heard the same advice or inspiration over and over, but whether it was a timing thing, or where you are at in your life, it didn’t really sink in for a long time. That’s how things feel like for me anyway.

I don’t just wake up and have a “Aha I get that now” moment, it usually takes a few days. I feel like I’m a bit of a typical modern mum. Or from listening to other mothers, a lot of my problems are very common.

I would love to just work 9-5 and my life outside of that be relaxing, but as a mother it feels more like 5-9. We just go go go!

Dads are stepping up these days, but as I don’t live with my boyfriend, I still have to do all of the housework and so forth which wears me out a lot (though he is a ninja at the dishes which is awesome). But what has changed?

How have I gone from Feeling Like A Pack Horse, To A Woman Of Purpose?

Take ownership of your story

You didn’t get to pick your parents, your genetics, your siblings or a lot of your childhood. Even as an adult, I struggle fully accepting the theory that everything is in your life because you attracted it (the law of attraction), because sometimes, s*** just happens.

undefinedBut you have to own it, and by that I mean you kind of have to say to yourself, “okay, this is my life, now what am I going to do about it.” Are you going to write your own story, or are you going to be a victim of circumstance?

You can’t change your past, you can’t change the people around you, but you can change yourself. Having hope, gratitude and a positive outlook will attract good things into your life, simply as a subconscious function, but it also creates resilience for when bad things do come along to challenge us.

Perception Is Everything

You can live in a mansion and be miserable as anything. If you spend your life being ungrateful and bitter, then you are just hurting yourself. Essentially, my life hasn’t changed in that I still face the same problems as every other mum out there.

What’s changing is me. Since my daughter was born, I stopped letting the world walk over me a fair bit. Being a parent made me step up and be strong, because if I didn’t, then who would? The difference today is I have found a community of like-minded people, and some mentors who are very passionate and have incredible integrity that I can respect.

Having these people speaking into my life and giving me what I need so I can take ownership of my life, have the tools and education to do something I feel very passionate about, and pass on that empowerment has really fired me up and just changed my perspective a lot. It’s just made so much difference to how I feel about myself and the world. I have hope.  

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Make Your Own Life Easier Because Being A Martyr Is Not Noble

I’m very much into acts of humility and service, but this idea that to be a good mother you have to be perfect, do a million things, have lots of stuff whilst being a door mat is not right. And we logically know that, and yet we still struggle with it.

undefinedYou don’t have to kill yourself working and sacrifice everything for your family for 20 years until the kids leave home. I know some of that comes with the territory, but there are limits. You are so important, and if you burn out, then things fail too.

Don’t let this be your story, because at the end of it all, no one really respects a martyr. Think about what you can cut out to make your own life easier.

Find Your “Why Do You Do What You Do?” and Your Life Purpose

Learning this didn’t happen for me over night, and if it does for you, then you probably have known it deep down for a while. Why do you do what you do? Is there a common theme in your life? What makes you fire up and feel passionate?

Those are just some questions you can ask yourself or you can click here to go into more depth. Finding what you are passionate about, what you love, is the first step in leading a fulfilling life that you can look back on one day and know that you lived your one life with content.

I don’t think everyone has to have a big dream, though dreams can change and grow, but you deserve to be happy and to love your life and what you do. Don’t waste it doing something you hate. I personally love people and I love to nurture, educate and encourage others that they are beautiful, perfect, smart and important because they are unique.

I’m happiest when I’m taking care of others. That’s my “Why I do what I do”.


undefinedI think when you start on the path to self-discovery it can empower you in ways you don’t expect. In order to change your life you have to start by changing yourself and your perception of the world. I do believe that positive thoughts and beliefs will attract more positive things to us, but it also creates resilience for hard times too.  

Make your own life easier by thinking about what crap you can cut out and spend some time finding your life purpose. It was because of my mentors that I am now on my journey to awakening and creating a life that I can wake up and just feel so passionate about what I do. If you want to meet my mentors and find out if they can help you create a business and lifestyle you love - like they are helping me - then click here.

So when are you going to cut the crap out of your life?

Have a wonderful day!

Take Care.


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