PART TWO of escape of the ME TOO

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Oh my god that is him I thought and climbed a bit on the mountain. The road to Marrakech is very windy and this road was small. The one who looks like it is made for only one car and grits and stones on the side and a lot of bush. He was in his white car and he was shouting my name: Ingeborg Ingeborg where are you. Pfff like Chucky in a film. Freaking out and shaking like a leaf. I was hiding and stayed hide.

In about 15 minutes the car was gone and I was on my way again. I talk about this story lightly now but oh my I was trembling, sick to my stomach and really really scared. After hours and hours of walking on my socks, my feet were starting to bleed. Remember I had no shoes on. I escaped the house while smoking. The road to Marrakech is 40 freaking mile. I saw a car and my feet hurt. This was about 4.00 am.


This car could help me out maybe I thought! Where the car was there were a couple of houses. I entered the car and looked straight in the headlights. As a wounded frightened animal. There were 5 Morrocan men about to step in the car. I said hello and told them what was happened and that I needed to go to Marrakech. I didn't know if they understood because my French is not all that. And Arabic is even further out of my league. In the car, I was constantly watching them and try to figure out what they were saying. I was scared of that they would hurt me in some kind of way. Young and pretty I was. Luckily after 20 minutes, we stopped by this cafe and they went in for a coffee before work.


The driver kept on asking which hotel I was in but of course there was not a hotel, so in the end, I said Atlas Asni. He dropped me off and I felt a bit safer.
I stumbled into the hotel and felt horrible. I went to the lady at the desk and started crying big time. It all came out and I told her the story and then the director was coming down and offered me a phone call. I phoned my father and I think I did not tell him everything and it was difficult to reach him with no money. I was a bit off in a shock otherwise he would have been on the next plane!

I had a room for 2 days and then I had to pay. How would I do that because I had no money and my passport and banking card was still in the original house in Marrakech? The first house I was in.


I went to the police which also was a major struggle again to find it, the endless waiting and the scruffy office with only one type machine. The old school one. He listened to the story while in the meanwhile typing it all down.

I was coming the next day. Waiting again but no passport. And then I came again and again but no result from the police. In the end, I heard the Man from the house (my boss) had my passport but was escaped to the other country because they thought I was rapped and misunderstood because of the language barrier.

This was a huge problem now because how do I get out of there.
After 2 weeks begging for a meal by tourists and getting money from them by telling my story! I am so thankful that there were people who helped me out. I finally got the good news that I got my passport back after changing my story otherwise I would have still not got it back. Just at that time, my father organized a French translator to come and fly over and get me out of there. I said I am coming home now. It is not necessary anymore to come now while I am flying back tomorrow.


After this, I was a bit depressed and had to deal with this all. The shame. The let down towards my parents. The not succeeding in life. I felt awkward for a long while and then picked up the pieces and carried on with my life. Very fortunate that I was still alive and not had to deal with actual rape! I thank God for that!


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