Recapture Your Self-Expression

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Do you feel like you don’t exist? Do you feel like you shouldn’t even take up space where you stand? Do you think if you disappeared, no one would really miss you that much? Why are you here? What’s your life for anyway?

These are real questions many people are asking themselves these days. Many are experiencing deep, raw feelings of despair. They have a loss their sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

To explore this, you must ask yourself a more accurate question, what’s life trying to tell me? What is the grand message your soul wants you to finally get? There is always a message in strong emotions. The most basic message relevant in all negative emotion is that your personality-self is not aligned with how your highest self sees you. Your highest self, your soul, sees you as whole and perfect.

Many of us have given up our unique self-expression for the appeasement of others. For example, we let family duties take over our personal life of self-expression. Or we take on jobs where our authentic expression is suppressed, and we go throughout our day pleasing others and neglecting our own true needs and desires.

We sensitives take on the feelings and emotions of others and find ourselves thinking just like they do. We mold our life around others as if we were chameleons. We’re highly adaptable, but acquire a loss of personal-self in the process. We forget that we are here for our own reasons too.

We came into being to express our unique purpose, and life will keep bringing us around to it until the day we take our last breath if we ignore the signs. We could choose to live our whole life for others and never carry out our life’s mission if we choose to do so. However, in doing so you’ll find yourself feeling lost, unfulfilled, and frustrated.

When you set your own purpose aside, you settle for less than you deserve. Most of the people around you want you to be happy. They like you and want you to be successful. But only you know what makes you happy. And it’s up to you to claim it.

We all have our shortcomings, were all trying to find our way. Those close to you, family, friends, co-workers, tend to pull you in their direction from time to time. They seem to need your attention and energy so you give it to them because you’ve been programmed to please others first. As you keep giving your time and attention away you become less and less aware of your own needs and desires. What they really need is the awareness and skills to stay in their own power, and to know that all they need is already within themselves.


I became clinically depressed when I gave all my attention to my small children and husband. I willingly gave up my own self-expression, needs, and desires in order to be the best mother and wife I could be. It got so bad I even felt guilty leaving my children in daycare for an hour so I could go work out in the gym. So I stopped taking them to daycare and sacrificed my physical fitness. I gave ALL of myself to my family and suffered because of it.

Please don’t hold back your self-expression as I did! Trust me, you will suffer. The good news is, life will always bring you back around to whatever it is your soul is trying to express. You’ll be presented with the choice again and again until you make the higher choice for yourself. And when you make the highest choice for yourself, you will bask in joyful bliss…and so will the people around you!

I lived for my art classes in high school, but did I keep up my creative outlet after graduating? Nope! I let myself be influenced by people around me who didn’t have an appreciation for art. I put it all on the back burner for decades. Self-expression through art continued calling me from afar all those years. But I never gave it the attention I needed to give it. I ignored it but it just kept on calling me…because it IS me.

Maybe you’ve done something similar. Perhaps you’ve put other things ahead of your important self-expression. You’ve settled for less than you deserve. Your soul yearns for an authentic experience. But maybe you’ve dismissed it, doing a great disservice to yourself and your future as a result. Unless you turn it around, you will continue feeling the quiet desperation of your soul’s calling.

Settling for less comes from a sense of unworthiness within yourself. Somewhere along the line, someone told you you weren’t good enough, and you believed it. Probably when you were a child. And now you’re here, feeling unfulfilled, lost, and frustrated. Or you may feel lackluster, mundane, bored, caged, suppressed, or even oppressed. Disease, illness, and accidents also result as you neglect of your true expression. These feelings and emotions are messages from your soul telling you you’re on a path that’s not aligned with your truest calling.

In your mind’s eye, go back to your life’s path and find the major themes and patterns that occurred throughout your life. What brought you the most joy? What caused you the most pain? Your true purpose lies in the answers. For me, I suppressed my self-expression due to a sense of unworthiness. Always settling for less than my highest, always looking outside of myself for power. The outcome was I became depressed and suffered despair.

Suffering from a lack of self-expression doesn’t have to happen to you. Do everything in your power to find your own authentic expression. Deep-dive into your inner being, reach down and pull out your true identity. Once you’ve pulled it into view, stretch yourself to accommodate it as you integrate it into your life. Just start! Begin doing the things the ‘Power You’ would do. Be aware of how it makes you feel. Your authentic self will always feel right and good. You’ll have a sense of relief when you let go of everything that does not serve your highest. Life supports you when you honor yourself and your true self-expression.

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