Rooted In?

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It's interesting to see how many people live life as if they were a tree, rooted in the same position, unable to move. 

We can remain our whole lives, mentally confined with the same habits, and physically confined within the same environment. Even when we recognise that our situation is no longer serving us, we fail to act and remain stuck in the same position. Sometimes for our whole lives.

I used to work as a sailor. For over a decade I wanted out. It involved me working away from home and left me isolated for 4 months. The time away had me missing Christmas', birthdays, all the times that are to be spent with friends and family. It was like rooting a solitary tree in the middle of the ocean, away from the forests of civilisation on shore.

For a long time I had lost my passion and energy for life, like a branch loses it's reddened leaves on a late autumn morning. 

I hated it. But I kept on working. Why? Was it for the 04 am starts to the day? Or the bland slop that was served up for food? Of course not.... My job represented familiarity, comfort, & security. Making a change is always shrouded in uncertainty, and this feeling of security, this is the real recipe that keeps us trapped in our forest of familiarity.

Mostly, It's only when people reach a later stage in life where they begin to question, 'just what might I have achieved, if I JUST challenged myself? 

We are What We Decide to Be. 


We are goal striving beings. We're at our best when we feel anticipation for the future and feel passion living each moment. If we allow ourselves to stagnate we immediately feel a reduced sense of clarity and wellbeing. 

It takes courage to break free from the shrub forest, away from the feelings of security and comfort... But our inner being will call us forward one day with aspirations, we will move towards everything we truly desire and have the inspiration to act.

So, what caused me to finally throw in the towel on a career at sea? It came with this simple mindset shift... from ''this is just the way I am'' to ''I am what I decide to be.'' I found that courage to work towards my dreams. 

As soon as we move forward with purpose, the passion and energy that make living life so damn enjoyable, can return as easily as a leaf to a tree in the mid spring sun.....

Empower yourself. Live an Inspired life.

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