Self improvement goals and how to achieve them

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I started my self-improvement journey about a year ago when I realized I was unhappy with the following 3 things:

• Overworking myself to make enough money to maintain a successful financial status.
• Having little to no time left over for family, friends and myself and not being able to enjoy the money I was making because of this lack of time.
• The mediocre quality of the little time I did have, because I was so physically, mentally and spiritually weak.
This impending feeling of unfulfillment prompted me to make a list of what I needed to work on and what goals I had to achieve for success. Yes, I knew I had to put in some work, and that thought alone made the whole thing overwhelming because I already had a lot on my plate and again NO TIME! Of course, my first stops were Google and YouTube. There I discovered that a lot people have the same type of goals I had.

Through some research, reading and friends I found ways to achieve my goals in a realistic and easy way. With some effort I was able to complete what I set out to do and improve my life style and overall health. Now I can enjoy peace of mind along with that precious time I was seeking. Best of all I can finally work on my true passion, one of which is helping others achieve their own goals.

Below is a list I compiled of 5 of the most common goals and tips to meet them in an effective way.

The 5 most common self-improvement goals.

# 1 Become more fit and healthy. This is something most people desire. It not only affects your physical well being but also your emotional, mental and spiritual self.

#2 Find your purpose in life. A lot of people are seeking to understand why they were put on Earth, while others were specifically wondering what they were born to do. Not knowing this can makes us feel empty and unhappy.

#3 Acquire more skills for success. Desired skills vary from person to person, but in general, people are wishing they could sharpen or obtain skills that lead to success in careers and life.

#4 Regain or develop will power and a deeper sense of commitment. We want to do more with our lives, and we feel like we should. But sometimes we are afraid to do so, think we have no time or can’t figure out how to step out there and take the challenge.

#5 Develop a higher level of self-esteem, self awareness and positivity. It is so important to practice the things that align with your personal beliefs like meditation, prayer, affirmations or reading scriptures. It also helps to discover new things to gain inner strength, peace and wisdome.

Before I fill you in on simple ways to get to the finish line I must remind you Nobody is perfect. We’ll never manage to make every single change we want, and if we’re not realistic about our goals, we’ll do ourselves more harm than good. So focus on the things you can change and keep the following things in mind as you embark on your self-improvement journey.

• Be patient with yourself and stop the negative self-talk.
• Don’t sweat the small stuff.
• Let go of past regrets.
• Take baby steps.
• Don’t tackle everything at once.
• Keep it real! You know yourself and what your limits are.
• Surround yourself with people who will be positive and kind to you and if you can find a coach, mentor or someone that also wants to make changes and do it together.

Here are the simple ways to achieve your self-improvement goals

1. Physical health and fitness.
Start by focusing on your physical health. This will strengthen your self love. An unhealthy body breeds an unhealthy mind and has a negative effect on your emotions and spirit.

• If you are having no luck eating less, then eat more – more fruits and veggies. This helps avoid filling up on junk food. Find natural foods that curb your cravings.
• Be mindful - Eat slowly, chew more, pay attention to what you are eating and ask yourself if it will be of benefit to your body. Don't forget to drink water!
• You can ontinue to eat your favorite foods, but in smaller portions. This way you reduce intake without as much suffering.
• Obtain pleasure in other ways – if you fill your life with small things that make you smile and feel happy you’ll be less likely to seek your pleasure through food. 
• Incorporate exercise wherever and whenever-Take the stairs whenever you can or park further away when you go out. Sneak in a few push-ups or crunches while waiting on your laundry or watching a show – every little bit helps.

2. Paying attention to what makes you happy will help you find your purpose.

You’ll find that if you nurture your passions and aptitudes, there will be practical ways to make a living from them. We all have a purpose. Some of us don’t know what it is and are still searching for it. Here are a few ways to help you find it.

• Listen to your heart – or your gut.
• Identify and focus on your strengths. Ask those around you to let you know what admirable qualities they see in you and believe those things are true.
• Write down your successes and achievements.
• Be mindful and aware of anything that inspires you. Look for inspiration in the small things.
• Write down a list of things you’d like to achieve and know that you can achieve them.

3. Acquire new skills and sharpen the ones you have.

Most skills are acquired, so don’t stress if you think you’re not talented. It’s been proven that practice does indeed make perfect. So, even though this advice may sound a little boring, if there’s something you need to be good at, work on it!

• Find the right education and school that fits your needs, budget and schedule. Now a day the internet allows us to take almost anything that inspires us and turn it into a profit.
• Look into starting your own online business. Something that will correlate with your passions and what satisfies you in life. BLog, Vlog or write articles about your new knowledge and experiences. There are tools to help if you lack creativity or writing skills.
• Do things you like that are creative like write, draw or find solutions to other people’s problems.

4. Develop commitment and challenge. Volunteer or join a study group.

When you challenge yourself, you grow as a person so acquire new skills. This will help to boost your self esteem and confidence in you. If we’re challenged and busy, we’re less likely to sit around eating or thinking about the negative things in our lives. Helping other by volunteering will always bring great pleasure and blessings.

• Step outside of your comfort zone. Do not let fear hold you back.
• Set goals and follow through. Find a trusting person to hold you accuntable.
• Surround yourself with high-achievers. People who not only want to be great but also want to help other be great.
• Don’t be afraid to explore new possibilities. 
• Set up time daily to read a book or listen to one. Just 15-20 minutes a day will help tremendously.

5. Develop self-confidence and a positive outlook

Here are a few ways to remove some of our fears and self-doubt, and project the kind of confidence that goes is parallel to success.

• Don’t compare yourself to others. This especially applies to wastin gtime on social media looking at the seemingly perfect, overachieving lives of others.
• Focus on things you can change and are good at.
• Celebrate life’s blessings, as well as your own achievements.
• Gain confidence by knowing that you’re actively taking steps to improve yourself.
• Realize that you are not your circumstances.
• Do something nice for someone.
• Find balance and peace in things like mediation, prayer or anything that fulfills your spiritual needs.

These days, people are becoming less judgmental, so it’s time to stop judging yourself. You don’t have to be good at everything. Work on being great at what your good at. Hold your head up and be confident no matter what stage you are at. Be a good person. People like being around good people and it creates a better vibe, as well as opens doors that will lead you to a better and a fulfilling life. Also remember you are not the only one who is trying to meet self-improvement goals. Lastly don’t hesitate and start making changes today!

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