Start Your Day Right

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Ever since I can remember, I woke up to news radio. I grew up in London and was just nine years old when commercial radio in the UK began. (OK, I know, I’ve just given away my age). It was fresh and different (even somewhat amateurish in its early days) and I was an avid listener from its very beginnings until I moved up to Manchester to study at university some ten years later. LBC and I, as it were, grew up together. The “AM” programme, hosted by Douglas Cameron and the late Bob Holness, was how I started my day: I woke up to “AM”, I got dressed to “AM” and I became quite adept at impersonating the hosts and the sports news presenters!

When I moved to Australia in the mid-1990’s and then when I returned for my second and current sojourn here in 2008, ABC Newsradio served a very similar role – it kept me informed and I started my day in the know. During my time living in the United States, I became an avid listener of my local NPR station and I woke up each day to “Morning Edition”.

I couldn’t imagine not waking up to news.

Until COVID-19.

Suddenly, the news became repetitive and increasingly sad. It was not as if what I had woken up to in the past was joyous: good news stories are the rarity, as we all know. Somehow, though, I was able to keep enough of an emotional distance to live my own life whilst staying informed on national and international affairs. COVID-19 changed all that. Waking up to the reality of the pandemic first thing in the morning was noticeably impacting my mental well-being.

I learned from my coach that the things we focus on at the start of the day help to shape our day, She told me in no uncertain terms that waking up to the news was actually detrimental.

Of course, we still need to be informed. We can do that by catching up with the news later in the day – but being careful not to get caught up in the news cycle that simply regurgitates the same bad news, over and over again.

In the mornings, though, we need something far more uplifting with which to start our day.

I came across some empowering quotes online that I have found helpful to reflect upon in the morning. Then I thought of an idea: why not put together a few blog posts, featuring one of these quotes each day, saying a little about the person to whom the quote is attributed and adding a few of my own reflections?

That is how my “Start Your Day Right!” blog was born. I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to reading your comments and reflections.

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