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Don´t make new year’s resolutions!!

Are you one of those persons making promises to your self every new year and then get disappointed?

Don´t worry it is not your fault, in fact it is your brain that’s messing things up. Usually when making resolutions we tend to focus on what not to do, the negative aspect of our goal. Instead this year I would like you to try vison you are finishing your goal or task!!

Vision it so clearly that you can feel the change, you can taste the change and you know exactly how you would feel when completing. This way you are preparing your brain to actually believe it is already there, that this is the new reality. You control your brain and your thoughts, from these thoughts you design a new reality so be careful how you think of change, don’t enhance the negativity instead embrace the wonderful feeling of finishing and the joy it would bring into your life.

I wish you a happy new year full of change for the better, take control, take care….Don´t forget to join my work group on Facebook, “Rewire with Lucy” or sign for my inspiring newsletter here…Love!!

Lucia Svoboda    Publisher

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