Gary Vaynerchuck - Stop Living For Friday Night

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Gary Vaynerchuck - Stop Living for Friday Night and Get Shit Done!

The reason why a lot of people don't live up to their potential 

I remember I was one of them. I use to go through my week, anticipating for the weekend. Excited for the ‘big party’! (wooppdeedoo guy) Quickly, that story got played out.


What they say is true. Life is short. I remember when I met the man himself…yep, I met Gary Vee about a week and a half ago and it all passed me by so fast. It was a casual greeting of me saying “Hey Gary! I love you man. I just want to tell you thank you for everything you do and I want you to know that you changed my life.” Gary responded, "Thanks man. I'm Humbled!" And poof! Just like that, it was all over.

A Look Back

The feeling I had right after I walked away was: "there must be more than that?!" I was blown away by how quickly the moment came and gone, as if it was a dream.

Experiencing Humility

I’ve learned so much from Gary. I’ve watched and listened to so much of his content. Every time I toon in to one of his videos, the man motivates the shit out of me. He always educates and inspires, but, the one thing that I value the most about Gary, is his persistence and consistency.

The man is on it; everyday, 24/7, 365! Gary Vee sets a great example for many young men who desire to be successful. He shows it through his actions, not just his words. That’s what keeps my fire lit.


I remember the first video I watched of Gary: Stop doing shit that you hate!

So, over the past year, I’ve said goodbye to my Friday nights and to my weekends. All I do now, is work. What am I working towards?

Well, for one, I’m committed to become a leader….

I’m committed to inspiring people

I’m committed to changing the lives of many

I’m committed to speaking in front of hundreds, if not, thousands

I’m committed to become financially free

I’m committed to take care of my family and be a positive role model to the young ones

I’m committed to meeting Gary Vee again, but next time, in his office at Vaynermedia

I’m committed to changing the legacy of my family

I'm committed to becoming a world class online marketer/social media marketer

I’ve never had so many reasons why, and so many reasons why not!

Watch this video! Gary talks about how right now is the best time to build a business online.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now but I'll be back later with more great content.


Until next time,

Believe in yourself and your dreams, and Never give up!

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