Take Captive of your Thoughts

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“Life has a way of knocking the air out from your lungs, what the cross did can never be undone, fill your lungs and let it be sung”

I wrote this short poem on the 10th of November it was three in the morning and I was having trouble sleeping, feeling extremely down, my mind was raising a million thoughts at once like fireworks crackling in the night sky.  I find that when I start writing, my mind is able to focus on what I'm really feeling and from a place where I'm doubting myself, the fog slowly starts to lift and I can see a clear path to positive thinking.  

Life can be going well for awhile and then we receive that unwelcome punch to the gut leaving us winded.  How do we get back up from that? As a Christian I turn to God and the church community around me, I seek advice from the closest people to me who have good values, I know them to be honest and truthful not forgetting to add that pinch of love.  

Over the last couple of weeks, my mindset has changed, a shift to be constantly aware of how I'm thinking, are the thoughts I'm having positive? are my thoughts creating a path for my future?  Take captive of your thoughts, interrogate them, get what you need to make an educated choice on what do with the information.  

We are in control of our own destiny there isn't anything that's impossible, the cross has done that. Be happy! dream big!  I've drawn a line I'm not going back, I'm looking forward being proactive and taking action every day to see life in the most beautiful way.

So it's only natural for me now to think about keeping a blog, I'm not entirely sure what I'll be writing or how often, however, I have set a goal for once a month, to begin with.  Writing has never been a strong point of mine, so please if you are one for reading blogs I won't be offended if you wanted to correct my grammar or spelling, in fact, I would appreciate the feedback.  

Smile and I'll Smile with you.

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