The Beginnings Of the Holidays


Today is November 24, 2016. In America it is Thanksgiving Day. The Beginnings Of the Holidays                                                                     (New Jersey 101.5)

Today I am grateful for struggles, barriers and the moments in my life that caused me to stretch my patients. And this is only the beginning of day of the holidays.

What Are the Holidays About

The world has their stereo typical ideas as to what the holidays are about. And traveling around like I have in the past, I was surprised in Japan they do exchange gifts. The difference is, they do it for the sake of exchanging gifts. Not for the memory and tradition of a birth that took place two thousand years ago. But I digress. I like to use the holidays to reflect a few times a week to look at my life and see how I have come along. Or not come along. But regardless of my progression, I always give appreciation for the struggles, the barriers, and hard times of my life. You may be asking why anyone would do such a thing. The answer is simple. If not for these struggles, cursed as they are at the time they are happening, this is the place where we grow.

Case In Point

I watched a man's life over the past five months. He's been suspended from work for two weeks, fired from said job, hired by another company only to have his licence striped by the state so he can't do that job anymore. Now he's back working at his old skills. He's working warehouses again. At the end of each day his body is in pain due to the constant pounding of walking on concrete. He's out of practice at this job and he's extremely frustrated with his work and life. The Beginnings Of the Holidays 

     (Creatively Corporate)

I got a phone call this morning and was surprised to find it was the person in question. He told me how grateful he was for the past few months. He woke up this morning and everything seemed to fall into place as to why things went awry as they did. I congratulated him but had to ask why he called me. Why me? He said he was spending Thanksgiving day alone and he needed to share this cognition with someone. So--guess who's coming for dinner. A split second of suspicion went through me that made me feel ashamed of me. I thought that perhaps that was the reason for the phone call. Getting invited to dinner. But giving it a second thought, that isn't like this person. He wouldn't exploit a situation like that.

What Is Your Purpose of The Holidays

Holidays are supposed to be enjoyed by all. For one who celebrate this time if year as a Christian belief, they were meant to be joyous. For the people who celebrate Hanuka, like the song goes; "Eight crazy days!" As for the rest of the holidays, I have no idea what they do. But all-in-all, they are meant to be a sort of break from life's pressures. But I'd like to stretch that idea and attitude. Take a moment a few times a week and reflect on your past year and look at what made you grow into a better person. What improved your status in life? Was it a new ritual you improvised into your routine? Was it a cognition that hit you? The Beginnings Of the Holidays

                                              (Tony DeSare-Thinking)

Make the beginnings of the holidays a new window of your life and be glad for the growth you went through during the past year. And try to realize what caused that growth. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don't forget to reflect.

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