The Call of Source


The Call of Source

Do you now understand why the call of Source is what it is?
Do you understand why there is a current that is calling you toward well- being?

Do you understand that, no matter how much you beat the drum of what you do not want when you "croak" you are going to CLOSE THAT GAP?

Now, do you understand why we are so confident about the well being of "all that is"?

So here is this huge energy of well being, that the Law of Attraction is responding to. And from your point of view in your physical body, what that means is:
When you feel the call of Source it feels compelling and it feels elating.

In other words, the call of Source in its purest form, when you are close enough in vibrational proximity to it, to really fell it, it feels like 

• Joy
• Eagerness
• Love
• Appreciation
• Well-Being
• Cartwheels
• Sunshine
• Rainbows

It feels like all the things that you have ever associated with well-being. It is ecstasy.
That is what Source Energy is and feels like.

So this you, that is you- do you get the sense that, as you are born here and you have your exposure to experience, and give birth to rockets of desire, that the LARGER PART of you expands, because of what you have lived?

And then stands there, which Law of Attraction responding to it, calling you toward it.
And when you move into the direction of this calling, you feel so good. That’s that impulse, that’s that inspiration.

That a feeling of, uh I wanna do that. That ’s that life-giving, life calling, me being who I am.
That’s me in my human form keeping up with who I have become.

That is the way you intended to live life.

When you are feeling negative emotion whether you call it
- Frustration
- Overwhelmed
- Anger
- Rage
- Hate
- Disappointment
- Fear
- Depression

When you feel those negative emotions, what it ALWAYS MEANS is, you are not letting yourself BE YOU.

You are focused on some aspect of contrast. And you have Done it for way more than 17 Seconds.

So that you have got an activation within you that is not letting you go with the flow.
What happens is, the thing about not going with the flow, the flow doesn’t say, ohh they’re not coming, let’s wait.

The flow keeps going because Law of Attraction is responding to the LARGER part of you.
It’s like when you go wild water rafting and the guy is going to let you know "this is not Disney Land, we can not turn this river off."

And we want to tell you the very same thing. The flow cannot be turned off. You can not turn off the result of all of the desire that you have lived in all of this time.

Source Energy is summoning you and you must yourself be who you are, and if you don’t let yourself be who you are, YOU DON’T FEEL GOOD.

And it is not about somebody else saying, you should be something, you need to be something.
It’s about life having called it through you and you are not going.

And when you don’t go, it doesn’t feel so good.
And when you do go it feels so WONDERFUL.

And do you know that you don’t even have to go and receive the full manifestation of it? You just have to no longer- not go!
We see you. You got your boat and you take it down the river and then you put the boat in the river.

And then almost without exception, you turn your boat upstream and start paddling very hard.
And we say, why not turn and go with the flow?

And you say, oh that just seems LAZY. And we say, well, you could use a different word, like "natural". NO, I choose lazy. It seems lazy.
And don’t want to be lazy, I want to be virtuous and hard working.

I want to "earn" my way. And all the other humans that amount to anything, are paddling very had UPSTREAM.
We try here. We try very hard.

We try, we persevere, we are determined. We use our EFFORT and ACTION to try to compensate for our energy.
You don’t say that, but you try it and you do it.

And we say, nothing that you want is upstream! Why are you paddling upstream? Well, I don’t know. Others have done it. I heard that you are supposed to "try hard". And I heard that there is no GAIN WITHOUT PAIN.

And I also heard that the more you suffer, the greater your rewards are later.
And we say, HOW CAN THAT BE?

How can something that feels so bad lead to something that is good? How can that be? Where do you get this stuff?
There is not a shred of evidence to the contrary, of the Law of Attraction. There is not a shred of evidence to the contrary of well being. Have you looked around your planet? Having driven around it, have you flown over it?

Have you looked at your planet? Do you see the enormous Well-Being in comparison with a pocket here and a pocket there, of "not- well being"? Do you understand that you are thriving today more than you ever have?

And you thrive more tomorrow. Do you understand that Well being is the ORDER OF THIS UNIVERSE?

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have a wonderful day and I might see you soon in my next article about " The Order of the Universe".

Please feel free to visit my website any time you like. You might find it interesting what "following MY bliss" has led me too.

Yours, Alex

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