The Calorie Counter!

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Morning everyone,

I have done my workout this morning for 3 rounds with a 60 second rest between which was:

·         10 Squats

·         30 Russian twists

·         10 Sumo squats

·         20 Leg raises

·         10 Glute bridges

I wanted to talk about the food

As part of this challenge so far, I have just been getting myself into the habit of not snacking in between meals and cutting back on junk etc. which to date I have done well and am going to continue with.  I also took my measurements last Sunday before I started as I don’t own any scales and have no intention of doing so as it is oh so easy to obsess over the number that comes up when there is so much more to it than that, especially as muscle weighs more than fat and don’t get me started on water retention!  I will take my measurements weekly to monitor my progress.

So, no snacking between meals has been achieved and maintained so far.  As for breakfast, this is a protein smoothie after my work out and when I am back at work on Thursday I can take this with me.  For lunch I am having a wholemeal wrap with hummus, cheese and salad in it, and for dinner a salad with a veggie burger or I roast veggies to put on top of the salad or I have my free from pasta with roasted veg.  I am now sourcing some new recipes I can add to this.

I also must be careful about cheese as I don’t want to cut it out altogether as I need the protein from it being a vegetarian plus I am a cheese monster and will not be deprived of it.  I also thought I might try out a couple of apps to help with (dare I say it!) monitoring those calories!!!  Just to see what I am taking in and if I need to add more in or reduce some. Now I can easily obsess about these things which is why I have stayed away from them but with my new mindset training going as well I thought let’s give it a try.  There are 2 that I know of, my fitness pal and chronometer, not sure which I will go with but I will try out both and see.

So that is my task for today, setting up those apps and I will update you on those and how I am going next week. The link to my Instagram account for the challenge is here.

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