The Curse of Not Good Enough

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Kettlebell workout is complete for today and I am now consuming my protein shake for breakfast as I write this post.

So, I had a little wobble yesterday at only day 3 of my challenge!!!  Thankfully it did not last very long but it did pop up and I promised to be honest about my journey on this challenge.  I call this wobble ‘the curse of not good enough’. 

I am sure it has plagued us all at some point in our lives.  The questions popped up in my head unexpectedly, ‘What if this does not work?’, ‘Can I really do this?’, ‘What if something happens and I miss a day?’ and the biggie, ‘What if I fail?’.  This does not bring a good feeling to the body.

How did I overcome this?  Well, I reminded myself that this was my challenge, I set my own standards therefore I have control. Tony Robbins says ‘You get what you settle for’, I do not want to just settle with what is currently, so I have control over the choices I make moment to moment.  I also went for a walk to get out of my flat as I have generally been inside planning and writing for this challenge, I needed a break and movement of your body in any form helps to change your mental state.  I also spoke with a trusted friend who helped me focus on what is important. I then later on listened to some inspirational podcasts, currently I like listening to Lewis Howes and Marie Forleo.

To recap actions to help you get over the not good enough curse are:

·         Take a break, get out or do some exercise.

·         Speak with a friend if you can.

·         Remind yourself you are good enough and you have the freedom to choose your thoughts and actions at any given moment.

·         Read something informative and inspirational that will help you.

·         Anything that will distract you for a bit that brings you enjoyment this will help to reset you to get back on track.

I hope this has helped you in some way.  Here is the link to my Instagram account for this challenge.  

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