The Digital Business Boom: High paying job, no experience required

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Lets cut to the chase. The job I'm talking about here is, working online. The world is going digital, anything that can go online, WILL go online - It's called The Digital Business Boom. Because of this, there is an abundance of opportunities to start earning a real and often lucrative full time income working online. This opportunity simply wasn't around a decade ago.

So, what high paying job can I do? For starters, e-commerce is estimated to overtake traditional retail by 2024. There is unlimited career choices involving the selling of goods and services via the internet. You could be an Amazon FBA seller, which involves the selling of your own products that's stored and distributed by Amazon. You could be an affiliate marketer, promoting other peoples product and services for them. You can outsource an author to write an novel then produce an e-book and sell it through kindle publishing. Flip websites, create sales funnels, blog and become an authority figure representing one of your passions. There is no limit to what you can do working online. 

newspaper on fireIf you don't know what a lot of the above means, don't worry because I didn't know either, there is no experience required. I found that looking at job advertisements online can be quite depressing. I remember I would look at the job adds when I was feeling disgruntled in my job at the time. The jobs that were no experience required were a warehouse employee or toilet cleaner. The high paying jobs required 3,5 or 7 years experience working in a similar role. I would fell hopeless that there wasn't an alternative out there. I would either have to take a massive pay cut to change to a job that I probably would still dislike or remain in my current job, treading water. We all know we want something different, the hardest point is finding it.

<Reading the job advertisements was about as pleasant as this

About 6 months ago, I found the SFM FREE 7 day video series. Its basically a video series that gives an introduction on how to start working online. From that point on, I've been hooked on everything to do with The Digital Business Boom. Working online gives you the time, freedom and flexibility that I think it's safe to say you don't have in your current career. You can work anywhere, anytime, all you need is a laptop. Have you ever wondered how some Youtubers seem to be able to permanently travel the world and sustain their income? It's because when their not filming themselves, their hard at work on their laptops, doing affiliate sales, publishing e-books, offering mentorship, creating online services. You can be free to travel the world too or work during the day at your favourite coffee shop or simply be at home all day long, spending more time with family and loved ones.

Why is working online a high paying job? Because it does not involve the traditional costs of a regular business. You don't waste thousands of dollars renting an office or shop front store, you simply have a website which is your digital storefront. You don't need a warehouse to stock big amounts of goods, the Amazon FBA program does that for you. You don't need large amounts of help or staff, autobots can answer questions from customers or websites like AWEBER are auto-responders that will store contacts and automatically send out information to customers on your behalf. Therefore, you save a huge amount on expenses.

There is a lot less guessing when marketing online now. Before you would place advertisements on billboards and television commercials, just hoping that someone that was interested in your products would see it. Now, we have data readily available to us that makes it so much easier. We can use applications to search for people of a certain age, demographic, interest, gender, location - anything really and we can place adds directly before them online. What this means is we can search for people that we already know are interested in certain products and we can then market our similar products directly to them. If you have ever seen similar products you have been searching for online appear on your Facebook feed or banners on websites, this is what I'm talking about. Therefore, it is much easier to hit high conversion numbers and have a greater return on your adds, which you have already created for substantially less money.

graduating university collegeNo experience required? So how do you start working online when you have no experience? Just like anything else, you get trained. When I first started, I didn't even known what e-commerce really means (its the buying and selling of goods via the internet!). Now I have learned more in 6 months than I ever did in 13 years of school and 3.5 years of university. > The only thing I learned at university was how to write an essay paper in 6 hours before a deadline. The difference being that I am passionate about working online, because it's simply the way of the future. I want to help others fix their problems. I want to show everyone that's stuck in a 9-5 job that they hate, that's disillusioned in life, that can't find anything out there for them, that there is a real alternative out there, it's working online.

You will always reach the level in life with those you surround yourself with. If all of your friends and colleagues earn a modest income and hate their job, chances are you probably will to. What you need to do is surround yourself with those you wish to become. Join an online training program, that's taught by people who have been there and done that. You will not be able to become an overnight sensation and get instantly rich. What's great about online training is that you can do it at night, on the weekends around your current job and as you become competent and successful, you can slowly transition into making it your full time career. If you are someone who is a whiz kid and very tech savvy, you might be able to see a great deal of instant success working online, with no training. If you are someone like me who can work a computer, but has no background in online work, then join an online program. That's your first step and from there the jobs will come.

I'm a member of The Six Figure Mentors. They provide online training and resources on working online. The training is conducted by mentors who have built their own successful 8+ figure online empires. If you would like to get some completely FREE training on online work and how you can transition into a high paying job, with no experience required, then click here for the FREE 7 day video series. The videos are sent via email and are the exact same videos that I first watched, which started me on my online journey

Do you know of any other high paying, no experience required jobs? Are they as flexible and diverse as online work? I'd love to hear about them. Let me know below.


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