The Importance of Dreams and Goals

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You have probably heard the saying that a dream without goals is a fantasy and goals without a dream is a drudgery.  It's good to remind ourselves of these truths so we remember the importance of dreams and goals.  

So how come dreams are important?

1.  Carl Sandburg said, "Nothing happens unless first a dream."  Dreams give us a reason to move forward in a new direction.  They tell us why we are doing what we are doing.  They give us hope and courage to pursue a new path.  

2.  Dreams help us expand our minds to see new possiblities, new opportunities, and new directions, etc.  They help us look past the present state of affairs into a new future we may not have considered before.

3.  Dreams help motivate us to persevere when we feel like giving up or we are tired.  You may have heard "a picture is worth a thousand words" and so the "dream picture" you have in your mind can give you a thousand words of encouragement when you want to quit.  

4.  When we are motivated by our own dreams, we usually attract other people who are pursuing their dreams as well.  In this way, we can find and give encouragement to each other and help each other stay on track.  

5.  Your example can be an inspiration to others.  When people see you pursuing your dream, they may be inspired to do the same.  You can encourage them from your own experience.

So how come goals are important?

1.  The process of writing goals down helps us think clearer about the direction we need to head with our lives.  Since we need to take focused time to write, other distractions can be put away and we can focused on the subject at hand.  

2.  Goals give us clear "stepping stones" to move us closer to our dreams.  Goals give us measurements of where we are in the process and what to do next.  Goals give us a "frame of reference" in our journey.

3.  Goals break down the long journey into manageable steps.  When you sit down to eat a meal do you eat it all at once or one bite at a time?  Also, the old saying remains true, "Inch by inch is a cinch, yard by yard is hard."

4.  Since goals are steps we set, they are most likely results we desire or outcomes we are motivated to bring to pass.  Usually we don't set goals we have no desire to work on.  When we set our own goals we remain interested and focused.

5.  The process of working toward reaching goals helps grow us as people.  "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."- Zig Ziglar

So in summation, dreams are important because they give us a reason to move forward, they expand our minds to new possibilities, and they motivate us to persevere when we want to give up.  Goals are important because they give us "measuring steps" of how close we are to our dreams, they break down the long journey into manageable steps, and they keep us interested and focused because we set them.  

So looking back on the dream(s) you may have written out and the step by step goals to get there...can you now explain to yourself or a friend how each is important to you?

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