The importance of mindsets

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Hi loves, Natalia here,

For many many years, I've been dealing with negative thoughts! At one point, even so, I had an amazing life I couldn't see one positive feature! It seemed like everything I did turn into something negative and I couldn't do anything right? 
When the thoughts of not wanting to continue, came to me. I decided I needed to change and I thank God still everyday for this eye-opening!

I bet many of you can relate to this, therefore I thought I share with you some parts that helped me, at my hardest moments! And it has al to do with the right mindsets!

In the bible verse Proverbs 23-7 it says;
In other words - you are what you think!

This is so true, we often don't realize whats going on in our minds! But many times when something negative comes our way, our mindsets are also negative! It's a proven fact that when we train our minds to think positive, we can live an amazing life!
I found this amazing e-book called Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer! In this book, she talks about all the details involving our mindsets and why it is important to be aware of what you're thinking about!
That's what I started to do, I am now training myself to always think positive! In the beginning, it feels like a lot of work but as the time past and you keep training your mind, it brings you so much peace! And of cores, it's always going to be baby steps, but every step I take will bring me closer to a positive life!
Let me give you one example:
If you have an appointment and the moment you want to leave your car stops working! Instead of thinking "It never fails, every time I want to do something, something bad comes my way" we should actually think "I really wanted to go to this appointment, but apparently there is a reason for me to stay home today. So let me enjoy it to the fullest!"
The late Dr. Wayne Dyer sad;
Whenever you are about to act, ask yourself this question: Is what I am about to say or do going to bring me peace?. If the answer is yes, then go with it.  If the answer is no, then remind yourself that it is your ego at work.
In the bible verse Proverbs 4-23 it says;

With this post, I hope I encourage you to start paying attention to your thoughts and act out of love.
And I promise you, you will see improvement in your life! and if you ever need more guidance or need someone to talk, please know I am always here for you!
Also, check out my VIDEO on this subject, In this video, I share a part of my first webinar, here I shared the 5steps to take to stay aware of your negative feelings.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of my post? And what would you love for me to share in my next post? Truly appreciate your time and hope to see you the next time!
May God Bless you

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