The Importance of Planning – Schedule for Success

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Hello lovely people.  Day 2 is going well, although I got up later than I wanted I embraced the extra sleep, did not give myself a hard time (for once) taking on a more positive kind mindset and did my morning workout complete with a protein smoothie for breakfast.

I wanted to chat about planning and how I set up for this challenge.  I am a free spirit and I need flexibility and freedom but also some structure.  I have tried many different plans for re-setting my health, getting fit again after a running injury, but all never lasted for more than a few weeks before they seemed to become unrealistic to manage.  Part of this could be down to my mindset at the time but I always struggled to fit it in around my job, time seemed to slip past so quickly.

So being mindful of this I decided to take a look at my ‘standard’ habits for when I am off work on annual leave and at weekends and for when I am at work.  From there I looked at where I could fit in my exercise time and learning/working on creating my own internet business time, as well as allowing for down time to free up my mind as this is a problem area for me, relaxing my mind!!!! I always have to have a plan and be figuring things out to make sure I have all the answers ahead of time, which let’s face it is exhausting.

So I have created my own timetable based around my current routines.  I decided to do my workouts first thing when I get up after having an essential cup of tea, I do need to wake up properly after all!  Then do 30 mins of whatever exercise DVD I want on that day (flexibility here J), straight to the shower then get a protein smoothie, sit quietly to drink it then meditate for 5 mins or so then jump straight onto my laptop to work on whatever I have planned for the day to learn or action on setting up my digital business in affiliate marketing.  This is my routine for when I am on annual leave and weekends, this leaves the afternoons free for some down time.  This of course will change when I am back at work in a week so I will tell you how that goes when I get there.

I also re-stocked my fridge with healthy food and being a vegetarian this was not too hard as I love my veggies (see pic. below of a real life fridge not a perfectly arranged for the shot fridge!). There is no highly processed foods in there or in my cupboards as I am making my food all from scratch and meal prepping on a Sunday afternoon. Roasted veggies, salads and my own veg bolognese are staples.


I bought myself an agenda book and a new notebook to use to plan my blogs and keep track of my progress, this was important as it helps me to see at a glance what I have achieved daily and then over time in a month and then 90 days and I believe this will give me a lot of inspiration and momentum to keep going.  I am still on the high of my decision and I know there are going to be some challenging times ahead which I will share with you as I believe it is important and I hope it may help someone else who is wanting to make a change in their lives who needs a bit of encouragement. 


I have started this challenge whilst I am on annual leave from my 9-5 to give myself a good head start on settling into my own schedule and to start building new and improved habits. If you have any questions please comment below or you can message me on my channel_freedom Instagram account here,  

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