The Key to Success is Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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When it comes to our comfort zone, there is no place better for us…hence the name. If there is an easy and a difficult option, the sensible decision would be to take the easy route and be done with it. However, there is one huge problem with this mindset; we cannot grow when we live in fear of leaving the comfort zone. Although we appreciate it is easier said than done, the key to success is finally getting out of this zone and making progress.

Nobody’s Perfect

Every day, millions of people live in fear of failure. Before we even think about taking action, we try to get everything perfectly lined up but the problem is that nobody in the history of the world has ever been perfect. Rather than waiting for the ‘right time’, you need to just go ahead, grab the bull by the horns, and get started. Whether it is a new business, a career move, or something in your personal life, progress will only come after taking the first step.

Currently, we have a habit of over-analyzing every single detail; we spend months ‘planning’ but there is only a certain amount of planning one can do before that first step needs to be taken. In truth, you have no reason to wait because the market doesn’t need to peak, you don’t have to become a selling genius, and you don’t even need to know every detail about the market. As long as you’ve done the basic research, make the jump today and start your journey with confidence!

Leaving the Comfort Zone 

If you look at the people at the very top of your industry or niche, you can guarantee they had to leave their comfort zone. Do you think they got to the top by taking the easy route every day, week, month, and year? No, people like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs had to fight their way to the top. With hard work and determination, they kept going no matter what happened and they eventually transformed their comfort zone into a learning experience. Rather than being scared, they relished leaving the comfort zone and saw an opportunity to become stronger through various challenges.

Lose the Fear

Additionally, they had no fear of failure; this doesn’t mean they didn't fail at points along the way. For some reason, we see failure as the end of our dream but it should always be used as another opportunity to learn. Through this journey, you will fail but it’s up to you how you react because, if done correctly, we can learn more from failure than success. If you learn a lesson from failure, you will grow and the likelihood of making that mistake again will severely reduce.


When you feel comfortable in life, this is a great feeling but staying here for too long leads to complacency and a lack of progress. As soon as you have a desire to keep pushing yourself, you will progress up the ladder in your career and personal life!

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