The Most Powerful Mindsets You Will Ever Need

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So in this blog I want to address common limiting beliefs that are in our society that hinder our personal growth and development. But I’m not going to focus on what’s wrong but suggest alternative mind sets that will drive us to the desired outcomes we are all capable of. So here are the most powerful mind sets that I believe should underpin everything you do and become your core philosophy.

Anything is possible and the only limitations are self-imposed.

Humans have free will and choice unlike the rest of the animal kingdom on this planet. This gives us the ability to alter our own environment to our own ends. Consciousness moulds reality and even science is starting to realise this. At the quantum level the effect of the observer has long been acknowledged with principles like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the double slit experiment. Every man made thing in this world started off as a thought in someone’s head. The power of thought is instant but the manifestation of it takes time due to the density of this reality. If we don’t achieve something it is because we gave up too soon. Most religions believe that the whole universe was created by the divine thoughts of God, you have that divine spark in you.

No failure only feedback.

Sometimes to get from A to B we have to go through point C. The perceived setbacks and failures we receive in life are offering us a chance to grow and develop the skills to get what we want. Life is one big workout of adversity and to grow you have to go outside your comfort zone. It's impossible to fail if we just keep going in the right direction.

Only regret the things you haven't done and not the things you have

When you die the only thing that you take with you and are your experiences and the learning you have got from them. Forget the material possessions, they only weigh you down in this life and distract from the real reason you are here. Grab opportunities with both hands and go after it as if your life depends on it, because it does! All things are achieved through a combination of two things, the skill and the will. I wrote about this article in my blog on Greatness.

If you don’t like where you are now it is as result of something you have done and you can change that.

No victims in this world as much as people hate to hear that. As soon as you say you are a victim you lose your power. There is nothing more empowering than taking control of your life and accepting that you can change the situation. No matter how bad the situation, human beings have overcome adversity over and over again. Adversity is a chance to grow so that you don’t have to experience that situation again. Take the victim stance and it will repeat. Acknowledge, learn and grow and you free yourself from that cycle.

Fuck it!!

A very powerful attitude when you lose your inhibition’s and fears and you are free from outcome. This will stop your unconscious minds natural response to make you nervous and impede your performance. Don’t take unnecessary risks but don’t be afraid of imaginary ones either.

It Changes

All things are transient so don’t resist change but go with the flow. Things are going to change and if you don’t you’re going to be left behind. Don’t fight it and the nature of time is cyclical so it will come around again but next time you will be more prepared for it.

So embrace your destiny and start living a life worth living.

So those are the foundation that give you the optimum chance of success and living the life you want. At the Six Figure Mentors you start with the mind set on your first module because if it is not right then anything built on it will not last. If you ‘d like to learn more about a company that starts with these principles to propel you and your business in the right direction click here to meet a guy called Stuart Ross and he’ll tell you more about an opportunity that may be just right for you,

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