The Order of the Universe


The Order of the Universe

Do you understand that WELL BEING is the Order of the Universe? Because the pieces that are carried on, by the energy spirit that is YOU, are the best parts of it - not the worst parts of it.

Do you know that when you "croak", we love that disrespectful word, you leave behind all doubt and fear and worry?

And you re-emerge into the fullness of who you are.
And it is from that FRESH PLACE OF KNOWING, that you come again into this physical experience.

You are pure positive Energy Beings, from the Source Energy-Part of you.
So, the reason we are here talking with you is because you are asking us how this all fits together.

You want to know who you are and how to fulfill your reason for being here?
And we want you to know, that the way you fulfill the reason for being here is by quantifying your journey.

By finally acknowledging that you have within your guidance that lets you know if you are coming into vibrational alignment with who you are or not.

Care about how you feel


And as you let your quest be every day, to CARE ABOUT the way you FEEL, you begin to train yourself into better and better feeling thoughts.

Little by little you come into vibrational alignment, who you are constantly becoming.
And in coming into that vibrational alignment with who you really are, THEN BEGIN to lead the joyous life that you intended when you came forth.

Not one of you came forth to fix this planet. It is not broken. Not one of you said, I’ll go forth and I’ll look at all the ideas that exist and I whittle them down to just the GOOD ideas.

And I will through all the other ideas out.

Not one of you said, anything like that! Because you understood the diversity is the strength and the basis of All EXPANSION.

So here we are together, and you are magnificent creators. And our value to you is in assisting you in recognizing how to utilize your guidance system.
So that you can finally quantify your journey.

Your journey from
• Sickness to Wellness
• Wellness to even more Wellness
• Financial Well-Being to even more financial Well-Being
• Not enough money to plenty of money

Your journey to ANYTHING that you want.
We are not here to guide you in the choice of your desires. You get to choose all of that.

Your life experience helps you to do that. We just want you to quantify your journey by understanding your emotions.

When you travel from Phoenix to San Diego, you know how to get there. Your maps point you in the direction of it.

And so you don’t feel fear about getting there.

You believe that you can do it. You understand that journey. But when you when you are sick and you want to be well often you don’t understand that journey.

Your journey is Vibrational

We want you to realize that every journey first and foremost is a VIBRATIONAL JOURNEY.
If you’ll make your journeys be emotional journeys, you will feel the difference in a most positive way.

I woman once said, I have arthritis in my hips and I am in constant pain. I don’t see how I can think positive thoughts when it hurts so much.

And we said, "what is" is "what is" and if your body is hurting, your body is hurting. And it’s not going to stop hurting immediately.

But you have a choice. You can be in a body that hurts and feel HOPEFUL.
Or you can be in a body that hurts and feel FEARFUL.

And the vibrational difference between the emotion of HOPE and the emotion of fear is the difference between recovery or not.

As doctors and scientists are looking for cures, they keep coming up with another cure, you apply it - and then you keep coming up with another disease.

Because you are not dealing with the resistance that causes the diseases.
You are creating ENDLESS diseases and your resistance to wellness, you see.

Until you discover the solution to vibrational discord and until you get to the vibrational HEART of the discord,
there will not be enough cures!

Looking for cures is not the answer. Looking for vibrational discord is, you see.

So your emotions, let you know in every moment what you are doing vibrationally. And how does it work?

It works because there are 2 vibrational points of relativity, that are feeling of one another.
There is a vibration of who you have become.

Law of Attraction is responding TWICE

And there is a vibration of who you are letting yourself be. And those two vibrations have a feeling effect on you.
Now, do you understand why?

Because the law of attractions is responding two both parts. To the part of what you have become and to the part of what you are letting yourself be here in your physical body in every moment in time.

So when your vibrations are in the same place, you don’t feel pulled apart. Instead, you feel elation and vitality.

But LAW OF ATTRACTION is responding to who you have become, and you are beating the drum of having not enough of something-

Now Law of Attraction is responding to both parts of you and you have this tug of war going on.

Negative emotion is  SPLIT       energy.
Positive emotions  is  ALIGNED energy.

Negative emotion, or the tug of war, is you beating the drum of something, while the larger part of you, is seeing it a different way.

We want you to begin to see your world through the eyes of source.

Through the eyes of who you really are. And when you are looking at it through eyes different to the eyes of source, you feel the discord of that view.

For example. If you see someone and you love them, you see through the eyes of source.
When you look at someone and you hate them, you don’t see through those eyes. And you can feel the discord.

And you say, how can I not hate that behavior? And we are not saying that you don't have to look at something that is awful and feel good about it.

We are asking you to TURN YOUR EYES to something that causes you to align with who you are.

Oh, you mean put my head in the sand? You mean let that bad thing go on?

And we say you have a choice. You can LOOK AT the thing that you hate or feel awful about, and therefore cause separation between you and you.

Or you decide to instead look at something that doesn’t cause a separation between you and you.
But don’t I have an obligation to look at things that are wrong? To try to make them better?

You can’t make something better by looking at something that is wrong!
Well, that’s about as clear as we’ve ever stated it.

You are the Creator of your own Reality

And you get to choose what you turn your attention to.

But the Law of Attraction does not make it easy for you to make those changes. Because as you have been beating the drum of something for a while, you have HABITS of thoughts. That’s what you call a belief.

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And we want to say to you, that law of attraction is the culprit, the blessed constant culprit, that makes it difficult for you to change your thought.

So there has to be a reason that you’d want to do it. And here it is. And here is what it is:

Humans say, what else? Well, you will get everything that you want. Oh, well then ok.
But you have to care about how you feel first.

You have to care enough that you feel better, that you are willing to reach for a thought that is a little hard to reach for.

Because the law of attraction makes it easy to keep beating that drum, where you have been beating it.
Have you ever had something that was really bothering you?

And you are ragging on and on about it? And some fool with you tried to change the subject?
And you kept finding a way to bring it back around. And then they tried to change the subject.

Finally, you say, I am not enjoying talking to you 😂.

Because you wanna talk you "this". And the reason you wanna talk about that is because it is active within you and the Law of Attraction is supplying you with all kinds of thoughts that match it.

And pulling away from that isn’t the easiest thing to do, but when you care about FEELING GOOD, and good matters more, then you will reach for the best feeling thought.

Just reach for something that feels a little better, and then a little better and before you know it you will come back into alignment with who you are.

And when you come into alignment with who you are, the world that surrounds you- WILL CHANGE.
It is really a fascinating thing to see from our aerial view, from our energy view.

You are mass-vibrationally and you don’t even know it.

You create your own reality.

And when you care about how you feel
* THE BEST of humanity surrounds you
* THE BEST of ideas surrounds you
* THE BEST of everything surrounds you…….. when you feel good.

And when you feel less than good, less then good will surround you. And you could put your boat in the water anywhere along this emotional scale.

And as you put your boat in the water, what you are offering and what you’ve been feeling is what is surrounding you -EVERY SINGLE TIME, no exceptions.

So once you get a beat on this then you have control of your life experience. And until then you are like a cork bobbing on the sea.
You have no control over your experience.

The best you can do is just observe and complain.

Thank you so much for reading. hope you enjoyed this article and found some ease and comfort in it.

Feel free and welcome to visit me on my website. See you in my next article.

Yours, Alex

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