The path of least resistance - Part 1


The Art of allowing

So when we talk about the art of allowing, we are talking about LESS RESISTANCE.
The art of allowing is the art of NOT RESISTING.

So as we are moving forward here today and we are talking about the path of least resistance. Can you hear how the path of least resistance and the path of most allowance are the SAME PATHS?

The thing that is a little tricky as we ask you to begin paying attention to how you feel in order to guide yourself into alignment with your own desire is:

That sometimes you stand in a place and you say, I can’t tell which path is the least resistance, they both stink.
I am faced with this decision and I cannot make a decision because it all feels uncomfortable.

Or it feels equally good. I can’t distinguish a difference.
And what we really want you to hear, and we have not talked about this in much detail before.

But as we are watching so many of you beginning to attempt a more deliberate approach to following the path of allowing or the path of least resistance,

We noticed that sometimes you QUESTION your ability to KNOW.

And we think it’s because you are a little sloppy with your vibration. Not really paying too much attention to how you feel. Until it gets right down to the nitty-gritty of needing to make a decision.

• Do I go this way or do I go this way?
• Do I stay in the relationship or do I go?
• Do I keep this job or do I look for another one?
• Do I turn this way or this way?
• Do I eat this or this?

And what we want you to feel as we are moving forward here today is, that the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE, at least for the first 30 days of your diligence upon it,


Is a thought and feeling path NOT an action path. Let the action just sit where it is for a while.
Don’t make any strong decisions for at least 30 days.

Until you got a sense of what the path of least resistance really is about.

Now here is what we mean by this.
You all know, or most of you are becoming really familiar with this business of law of attraction.

You get it, that what you think about - you offer a vibration about it
And as you offer a vibration about it - you inviting it into your experience

Most of you are understanding and could speak it as clearly as we are speaking it here, THAT law of attraction is about INCLUSION.

That when you think about something and say YES to it you include in your vibration.
But when you think about something and you don’t want and say NO to it, you include it in your vibration.

We know that intellectually, conceptually you understand that YOU GET what you THINK ABOUT.
And the way you feel is your indication that you are in the place or receiving, whatever it is.

But the thing that we want to give you here today that will put you in such a powerful place on you path of deliberate creating is that:

Law of Attraction says that whatever you have been offering vibrationally about any subject is THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE.

Do you hear how big that is?

That’s why if you are on some sort of negative rampage, it is easier to stay on the rampage than it is to change the thought.

That’s why when you are blissed out over something that has happened, it is quite easy in that blissful mood.
But when you get focused on something that is unpleasant it is not the easiest thing.

We know you have discovered to bring yourself from that negative feeling to that positive feeling. And we have talked about it over the years in many different ways.

We have talked about pivoting:
Whenever I know what I don’t want I know what I do want.

And it is easier for me to make that statement of desire of knowing what I don’t want from my place of knowing what I do want.

Just as it is easy for me to make a statement of knowing what I do want form my place of knowing what I don’t want.

The CONTRAST helps me make those distinctions. But what we want you to discover here in this really advanced leading edge, the science of deliberate creation, the art of allowing gathering:

You are masters here, fine-tuning. We can feel the clarity of you being.
We want you to begin to consciously acknowledge what law of attraction is doing for you in your experience.

And we want you to begin paying attention to your emotions, with a greater determination TO KNOW, why you feel the way you feel.

To really discover the path of least resistance.
So here is a little story for you to shake things up a little bit. And that is, imagine you are driving down the street.

YOU are driving the car. You have a friend with you. Somebody close to you. And you know the way you are going.
And you have already chosen in your mind the direction you are going to go.

And as you begin to make you turn, the specific way you were going to go, your friend pikes up and says, what in the world are you doing?

Why are you going that way? I think we should go THIS way. And you say, a.l.r.i.g.h.t. But I usually go this way and I think this is a good way. And I am driving the car, so I think I am going to go this way.

And your friend says I wouldn’t if I were you. And your friend is strong, vociferous, loud. And so you say, because it’s not worth an argument to you, at least not an out loud verbal argument:

Alright, we’ll go YOUR way. But secretly you think. I hope we get lost.😂

Now the reason we are telling you this story is because we think in this example, who you REALLY ARE and what you really want, has not been recently activated within you.

Because if your true intent for having a nice ride were activated, you wouldn’t……your path of least resistance wouldn’t feel like, " I hope we get lost"!

In other words, the reason that you hope you get lost is because
• you don’t like to be made out to be the one who is wrong
• you don’t like to be made out to be the one who is not wise

to be contiuned (Part 2)

thank you so much for reading and I hope you had a great time. Can't wait to publish part 2 of this article.

Until then all the very best and have a wonderful day.

Yours, Alex

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