The Power Of Apprenticeship

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The word apprenticeship is famous in the world of skilled workers, like learning to be a car mechanic. In those fields, individuals would go their masters in their arts or skills and get trained. They shadow under their training for a period of time to acquire the knowledge and skills required in work. However apprenticeship is not only important in the world of arts and crafts, but it's also a process that cuts across all works of life. In the world of businesses one can term apprenticeship as mentorship.

In life, majority of the time one can never go to a place that ones never been before, unless someone provide guidance.  Although if you venture out into the deep pool without learning to swim, it will take twice as much longer to reach your goal and more lessons to learn. Many professionals seek to be the best in their various fields, they want to be respected, and they want to hit the top but they have never been to the top before so how do they get there? That's where mentorship comes in. There is a saying "if you want to be the best, learn from the best." This saying is true, the power of mentorship in the world of business and professionalism cannot be overemphasized. It's an essential ingredient that cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Why do you need a mentor?

You need a mentor because you need someone to guide you to where you are going. Imagine you are going on a journey and you don't have a map, nor GPS, or guide. You may eventually get to your destination, but that will be after various failed attempts. You will encounter troubles that are avoidable; you will experience heartaches that are unnecessary. However, if you have a guide to take you through the journey, you will arrive at your destination safely. This is the same with the journey of life; if you do not have a guide or mentor, you will make mistakes that could have been avoided. You will do things that will cause you failure and heartache but with a mentor who had gone through the road you are going through now, there will be casualties, but it won't be as serious as it would be if you were all on your own.

It is also crucial to remember that while choosing a mentor, you have to go for the best. Visualize where you want to be, search for someone who has been there in other word who 'talk the talk and , and make that person your mentor. Also, you should be mindful as to select your mentor who is will teach you the tricks; it's one thing to have a great person as a mentor but it's a different thing to have a mentor who is actually willing to teach you.

Mentorship is the key to place yourself in the VIP while driving in the fast track, you should enroll so you can get the right ingredient for growth in life.

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