The power of visualization

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The power of visualization!!

Yesterday I was mentioning that it is possible to change one's life by persisting and sticking to the plan. Today however I want to train a little mind technique where you visualize a specific object until it becomes real.

Now I want you to close your eyes...Imagine your favorit fruit, Mine is an apple ( I eat at least one a day). Now imagine your fruit,,how does it look like? Is it big? Round? What color does it have? What structure has it got? Rough ore smoothe? Does it have any defects or Marks on it?

Now smell it...what do you feel? I actually want you to take a bite, mmmm...Now eat the whole fruit. How did it taste and how did it make you feel,what flavours did you get to enjoy?

Open your eyes again, could you see your fruit? Every angle of it,the smell and taste of it,the feeling of consuming it?

If not,no worries,to do this exercise you might have to practice until you keep an open mind for the fruit do become so real that you actually feel like you just ate it.

Now how can such a practice be helpful? After some training you buildt up your visualization muscle and you can apply this when planing goal settings in your everyday life, in your work or relationship. By visualization you can make your brain to do something new, something different.

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