The Principle Of The Golden Goose And The Eggs

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Clearly, we all had at one point in our life a golden goose that laid eggs. It doesn’t matter if it relates to finances, relationships, business, nature or anything else; all of us have been there. We as humans are creatures which often generate an action that would destroy the profitability of this asset.

But why do we act this way?

We often do so out of habit, ingratitude, routine and most of all, greed. We should be satisfied by only living of the given eggs but many of us become so greedy that we kill the goose in our want for more.

The summary of the story goes something like this:

A man has a goose, takes care of it and before he kills to eat it, to his surprise, she lays a golden egg. He and his family are now rich and each day the goose lays a golden egg. After a while, the man and his wife get greedy and want more, so thinking the goose has a lot more golden eggs inside her, they kill it but they find nothing. Now it only became a meal.

The moral of this principle is that many of us would do better if we could control ourselves knowing that greed destroys our source of good.

In reality, most successful people know how to control and use this natural law to their advantage. On the other hand, average people act like the goose that lays the golden egg. In return for their hard work, they receive a low income paycheck at the end of the month. And once they have the money, they lay their golden eggs by… buying liabilities such as gadgets, partying, or wasting it on frivolous things, etc.

The Golden Goose and its Golden Eggs

Now why is that most of us kill what inspires freedom, love, joy and having fun in paradise?

The principle of the Golden Goose has many meanings, but it definitely has a primary meaning.

What do you get out of it, when applied to your inner self, your personal life, or to a larger implication that focuses on your relationship, family, friends, neighbors, community, culture, state, country, or even the world?

The fact is that everyone should have a goose that lays golden eggs. So my question is: Where is your goose and where are your golden eggs?

The first time I read about and understood this rule, I realized that, in my life, I had lost too many gooses and in consequence, the eggs that came with it. Finally, not so long ago, I began to build my golden goose in a better way and care for it.

You need to understand that such a goose can keep laying golden eggs for your future, leaving a legacy for the generations to come if taken care of properly. But if you abuse the goose, starve it, or manipulate it to make more golden eggs to increase short term profits, then suddenly she will lay no more eggs.

The Teaching Lesson of this Principle

According to the principle, what you focus on is what ends up affecting you. And since you focus more on fear, ungratefulness, greed, resentment and envy, just to name a few, that is what shows up more and more in your life.

By focusing on fear, lack of appreciation, anger or greed as a solution, you slowly kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

For example, do you remember when your parents punished you for being too inquisitive, you believed you were bad and undeserving; or when you had a great girlfriend or boyfriend, but you lost that person because of your ingratitude. You took it personally.

So today you might kill whatever gives you too much love, fun or pleasure and you envy stuff that others have as valuable, such as luxury, gold and money.

The lesson here is that you must create a ‘Golden Goose’ for yourself. With your help, she is going to lay eggs. These eggs will give you a life of financial freedom when the time comes. You should live off the eggs but never, I cannot stress it enough, NEVER off your goose.

Your eggs equal the interests, dividends and earnings coming from your mortgages, stocks or capital gain. You should also create passive incomes.

It is easy to know what to do but it is harder to do what you know.

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Take Care of the Goose

Know that you are designed to live a life that provides for all of your needs. However, you can somehow kill your golden goose and lose all of your golden eggs which life provided for you by easily focusing on greed and ingratitude.

Your destiny and financial freedom is bright and full of light, love and giving. But despite this birthright and great potential, you can destroy your goose if you do not take care of it, so re-invest some of the profits you made to create more eggs.

Do not forget to control your short sighted nature which usually looks at short terms instead of long terms investments, and act accordingly.

Even though you had no choice when you were a child, you are now old enough to be who you want to be. Growing up, you were trained how to speak and write your language, go to school, do your job, fix stuff, use appliances, cook, drive, swim, work a computer, etc.

But now, it is time for you to get a golden goose that lay eggs, so you can live happy and healthy, even have financial freedom, travel anywhere you please, as to enjoy life and live with peace of mind knowing you leave a legacy.

Thank you for reading.


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