The Science of Designing Your Life

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undefinedHi there, it is awesome to have you here, in this space. Isn't it great to be part of a world where so many options are available on how to connect with people, in all freedom of timing, digitally, personally and even lol, inter-dimensionally ? I am sure you are as thrilled as I am about all this richness around, and having the power to choose whatever, knowing the fundamentals that indeed 'we can have anything we focus on' aka 'attention is creation'.

I am part of the SFM community and call myself a proud student of the material contained therein. What this SFM system does, is not only grow in technical knowledge, but grow into a rich person by being oriented in the right way. One of the books suggested by this SFM system is 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D. Wattles. The information in that book is so mind-blowing and life-changing, that I actually had more courage than ever to continue on this beautiful road of learning and creating. I develop myself now in a way to my own science of creating the life I love. It is a mixture of everything I learned over the years and I am thrilled to be able to say that so much is possible with the right state of mind. Words are only pointing to what I say here.

There is more to the equation than just being rightly positioned to earn more money. It is about being in the right place for all things to come to you. There is an exact attitude that brings about the attraction of things that you like, that attitude is linked to being in your own center : physically, in your home or acting out your wish - emotionally in your heart - mentally in your receiving information mode - spiritually connected to intuition - interdimensionally related to all things of all time. The center of you. 

Then become the cup that receives and be the action oriented person, acting from your love for things and people, and yourself. 

I have practiced myself out of worry and fear, and share gladly that since I am also in my center, I have immense support from friends, circumstances on all things that are needed.  It is amazing, and easy. There are a few strong pointers for achieving success in creating the life that you love :

1. Give your power to the answers - stay away with your attention from the apparent problem

2. Stay away from all negative thoughts - even if you are right about someone or some situation

3. Focus on your future wish

4. Do growth producing activities, even if it is tending to your garden 

5. Invest in yourself : read, sport, grow, enjoy

6. Mastermind with leaders, those that you like to learn from

7. Express yourself to others visibly : paint, write, expand, create

8. Stop reading books or texts (also this one) and act, for the dream cannot become real by dreaming alone.

I am sure you all know this as well as I do - it is common sense, somehow.

Thank you for reading this and I am pleased you visited. The invitation to comment is open.

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