The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

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I believe one of the ways that we invoke the spirit of entrepreneurship, is being consistant with a few habits. To read, write, listen and watch something inspirational - all of these things, when done consistantly, have the ability to integrate your mind, body, and spirit so that you can express your truth.


Your wholeness, holyness - if you could call it that. This doesn't necessarily happen overnight, but over a period of time, when we consistantly apply a routine, a syntax of tasks. It is more than possible to get into an integrated state, where I believe is the center of creativity. To be creative, to express new ideas, and to be able to put them into action, are all qualities of entrepreneurs - the spirit of entrepreneurship, I believe also has other qualities - ability to inspire others to take action, patience, ability to be assertive, courageous. These are all gifts we get from above. What does it mean - he ascended on high and gave gifts to men?


When we integrate mind, body and soul we create wholeness (holiness), we come out with our own truth, we find our voice. This process of reading, writing, listening and observing integrates the 5 senses of sight, touch, hearing, imagingation, so that your highest sense (intellect) - can connect to intuition (God) who gives us inspiration and ideas (revelation) Here I am talking about a syntax for entrepreneurship, where we consistantly take action around learning, doing and teaching, we integrate our senses toward finding our unique truth, which is the expression of creativity, the essence of entrepreneurship.

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