The Three Words That Can Change The Trajectory Of Your ENTIRE Life

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I'm going to share with you the three words that if CEMENTED into your mind can change the trajectory of your entire life  

I'm telling you now my friend I really don't say this lightly, so listen good, three if you take action on three words and put them into deliberate practice each and every day there's a good chance you will start showing up in life as a completely different person that produces completely different RESULTS 

and those three words are ACT.AS.IF

think about one of your most favourite actors for a second. There's a good chance the reason you like them so much is because they stir up emotions in you like nobodies business. They have you sitting on the edge of your sofa with anticipation and excitement. they have you laughing, crying, shouting sometimes even cursing!

great actors themsleves BECOME the character they are playing. They literally BECOME that person and get so emotionally involved with the character that they have us believe they are that person even when we KNOW they aren't 

Are You An Extra In Someone Else's Movie?

The real problem I see is that so many people are playing a role as an extra in someone else's movie, what do I mean?


they are living their life based on what other people want and expect. They are working their ass off to keep other people's dreams and goals alive!

the classic example of this is the whole 9-5 mentality. People having very little control of their lives, time and finances.Think about it, you're told when to start when to finish, how many holidays you are allowed, WHEN you can take those holidays, when to have lunch and how much money you can earn!

and all of this is to make someone else's dream become a REALITY, and usually, this is someone that they don't even respect. 

How people can be happy to live like this blows my mind, but I usually find that this is exactly the last thing they want from life.The problem is they do not believe they can change this. Far too many people lack the self-image and confidence needed to star creating their dream life. 

But those three words... "act as if" can change all that. Imagine right now if you start acting as if you were a successful individual who LOVED selling, do you think you would show up in life differently from how you are? 

imagine if you acted as if you already had a successful online business that allowed you do what you want, when you want, with who you want AND if you even want to do it at all. Do you think you would be acting completely different to how you are right now? I bet you

I bet you would 

or, Imagine for a second that acted as if you were confident, courageous and worthy of having EVERYTHING you truly want in life, again, do you think you would be walking different, talking different and showing up in life completely different from how you are right now?

100% you would let's not bullshit now

the only reason someone would ever settle for as life they do not like is because of a very low opinion of themselves, they are acting in accordance to how they see themselves right now rather than who they believe they can become.  

If this is something that you know you struggle with I would love to hear from you. I truly do believe I have some powerful tools to help get you acting as if you are who you need to be 

I have worked with hundreds of students who have lacked the belief and confidence needed to change the trajectory of their lives and I would love to share these tools and strategies with yourself.


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