It is good to come together for the purpose of Co-creating, go you agree?
Co-creating at its best, really.

We are ringing just a little bit.
We have seen you have brought your non-physical counterparts with you.

Many more of us than there are of you.
But we are eager to play with you BECAUSE you are the leading edge of thought.

Do you know that?
You are out here as physical extensions of source energy.

Doing precisely as you said you would do.

You are here
- Living in
- Observing
- Synthesizing
- Calculating
- Perceiving
Moving about in this mix of contrast that you call LIVE ON PLANET EARTH.

We call it the LEADING EDGE, Place Of Creation.

And as you just live your life, and we don’t mean to diminish that in any way,
-By merely living your life, you fulfill everything you intended when you came forth.

Because you knew that the consequence of focusing and observing, would cause a natural evolution.

You knew that you COULD NOT, no one can, no point fo consciousness can-
Stand in a place of variety without coming to CONSTANT new conclusions about what you would prefer.

That’s just the way we are ALL ORIENTED. We say all, we are including us in you.
Because you can’t go off without us.

You are an extension of that which we are. And you cannot, no matter what, separate yourself from our awareness of you.

So as you come into this time-space reality, you see what you don’t want and it helps you to identify what you do want.

You are doing this more precisely on more levels that ANY of you would EVER have consciously ANY IDEA.

You are literally synthesizing the data of this time-space reality and coming to endless conclusions of new improvements.

And the thing that makes it so wonderful and the thing that makes it work so well that each of us,
you, us, you- every point of consciousness is selfishly oriented.

And by that we mean, you cannot perceive OTHER THAN through the EYES OF SELF.

And it also means because you understand the law of attraction- because the law of attraction is the basis of everything that exists-

It means that, whatever it is you are doing, wherever you are being, however, you are feeling,

And you can’t help but conclude what you prefer.

And at the moment you come to a new conclusion about what you prefer- LAW OF ATTRACTION begins to respond to that.

Now we don’t think that many of you have even given any thought to that, you are so selfish.
Which is a good thing?

But we think it is a good thing that you give some thought to that.
In other words, we want you to understand the big picture.

Because we want you to understand HOW IT IS that low of attraction is responding to the work that you are doing.

How it is that the work you are doing is ADDING powerfully, dynamically, perfectly- just as you knew it would- to ALL THAT IS.

To the evolution of all that is.

So we are going to give you this very brief depiction.
We want you to get this one point that we DON’T THINK ANY of you understand fully.

And when you do you gonna click into a whole new place of KNOWING that is going to serve you so well.


So before you were in this body you were Source energy.
But we cannot say that you are now ONLY in this body because you are still source energy.

And part of that perspective is focused into this physical body.
So here in this physical body, as you examine this time-space reality, you come to a NEW PREFERENCE.

You just can’t help it.

Do try it. If you don’t have enough of something that you want, that preference is born.
And here is the critical part that you don’t know.

But we want you to know.

When in your body, on this leading edge, you come to a new idea of what you want.

Even if you are not speaking it.
When that new idea is born within you, SOURCE ENERGY moves IMMEDIATELY to that new idea.

So if you are sick, you automatically at every level of you being, cellular level too,

And the source energy part of you moves dynamically and instantly and precisely to that wellness that you are asking for.

And when that happens, the LAW OF ATTRACTION responds to that new vibration. To the vibration where the source energy part of you is.

Do you get that?

It is no JUST that the law of attraction is responding to the vibration of your thoughts HERE IN THIS physical body.

Law of Attraction is ALSO responding to that thought that you DERIVED from being here

- that source energy rode the rocket off
- and is now holding in its vibrations
- and is now responding to that new evolved, EXPANDED version of you.

THE ETERNAL CYCLE be continued

Hope you found great pleasure and excitement in reading this article. Get ready for this continuation, coming out very soon.

Until then all the best & more.

Yours, Alex