There is more than words to words !

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I am telling you no mystery here. Words are not just words. When you read them, words are content, they are filled with energy that you get to direct into your own life. Read this quote : Bruce Lee 'As you think, so shundefinedall you become'. Now, take a few seconds to dig deep into those words and what they really mean. Go to your own life and see what you think, really think of your life ?

I think I can do this new work. I think I am a good person. I think I am always strong. I think there is beauty in all things that I do. I think this world is brilliant. I think color on me is awesome. I think the sun shines for me to give me bliss. I think I am supported in life, and I am so grateful.

How do those thoughts feel to you ? Have you felt the immediate reaction into your body. Have you seen suddenly, that the sun shines through the window. This world DOES REACT on you, nature does that immediately through the weather conditions, personally in connection with you and those that are close to you in that moment.

A person that finds his/her own value, grows his riches as well. Value, when put into the words, provide a support to value to the reader.  This is a mechanical statement, not some philosophical understanding. There is power of creation in the words that you write, read and speak. Remember that the next time you have a conversation with people. Be honest yet make a positive spin.

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