The Sky is Blue

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It’s now 8:11am. The universe does not need photoshop. Everything is beautifully created and authentically appearing. Amazing.

What is the colour of sky?

Take a moment and look at the sky. What is the colour of it?

Blue? White? Grey?

What is the colour in the picture?

Let me tell you one thing. The sky is blue, always. White and grey is the colour of cloud, not the sky.

We all have our life story. We experienced so many thing in the past. No matter an incident is good or bad incident. It is an incident.

Our mind is pure and clear originally. It's just like the sky. It's blue originally. The incident we experienced in our life is just like the cloud. It accumulates, becomes thicker and thicker, and may covered the sky.

When the clear mind is covered by clouds, we may say the sky is grey. We cannot see the clear sky. At that time, we may not see clearly, hear clearly, speak clear, feel clearly, think clearly and act clearly. The unclear mind and action will lead to a lot of problems.

If you want happiness and success in any areas, always remember - THE SKY IS BLUE. Look for it when you think that it is grey and you will find the silver lining - hope.

If you feel frustrated , no problems. Take action to look for it and Surround yourself with people who believe the blue sky. Everything is going to be fine.

Next time, when you see the blue sky. Say thank you. Believe it.

If you feel frustrated or down, say loudly to yourself "THE SKY IS BLUE".

Carlton Kofield

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