Thoughts are seeds

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The things in my world like the positions in relationships, my financial state, my health, my joy, my peace etc.. are a manifestation of my present state of thoughts. By thoughts I don't mean my brain thoughts, although parts of the brain are used to house my thoughts and feelings. The thoughts that produce my world are my heart thoughts or the thoughts resident in my soul realm that seem more like a resident feeling that settles and remains perpetually. The thoughts resident in my soul are the building blocks of my world. These thoughts resonate with the same vibration as the things in my world because they are literally the same thing. They don't necessarily create my world, they are my world. Even the things I deem good or the ones I deem bad in my life are literally the incarnation of myself. This doesn't mean that I wished for them specifically to be there or for them to happen to me, but that the meditation of my heart produced such a world that made these things welcome and they perfectly mirrored my thoughts and feelings. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that will he reap. The thoughts sowed don't always look like the things in my world, the plant that springs forth doesn't always appear to be like the seed sowed but be assured that they are the mature product of your "seed of thoughts".

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