Thoughts on Focus and Perception Followed by Wise Counsel and Perspectives

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Focus and Perception

To begin this brief article on thoughts on focus and perception followed by wise counsel and perspectives, I'd like to discuss focus and perception first.

  • The subject or content of our focus many times becomes our reality. 

Thoughts on Focus and Perception Followed by Wise Counsel and Perspectives

A common illustration of this effect is the experience of driving and where our vision focuses.  Whether you turn your head or move just your eyes, where you look for any extended time is the direction your vehicle goes.  

Our brain even contains a loose network of neurons and neural fibers that run through our brain stem called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This system serves many roles including the ability to consciously focus attention on something.  A great example of the RAS in action is when we notice how many of the same kind of vehicle we see on the road  Before when owned a certain make and model of vehicle we never noticed the many vehicles like ours on the road.

Thoughts on Focus and Perception Followed by Wise Counsel and Perspectives

  • When we have a hard focus we miss the big picture occurring around us. A hard focus is when our attention is absorbed or preoccupied with a specific subject.  A soft focus allows us to see the big picture like the proverbial "forest for the trees" saying illustrates.  

Wise Counsel and Perspectives

All of us have limitations whether we admit them or not.  Some specific limitations include personal blind spots and a narrow frame of reference per individual.  A great example of general limitations all humans have is the light spectrum.  There are many light rays that humans cannot see with the naked eye like ultraviolet light for example. 

One great way to minimize blind spots and narrow frameworks is to seek many counselors.  By counselors I mean those individuals who specialize in a specific knowledge base that is accompanied by wisdom and applied experiences.  One Old Testament proverb states basically when making war to seek many counselors because in the multitude of counselors there is safety.  This general concept applies in so many areas of our lives.  Since each individual human seems to have a narrow focus and has blindspots, having a multitude of counselors in a critical subject helps us "see the whole forest" as well as the individual trees.  Remember a multitude is similiar to the grains of sand in the sea.  I guess we need to start reading, listening, learning, and associating.

Thoughts on Focus and Perception Followed by Wise Counsel and Perspectives

The Critical Importance of the Subject Determines the Amount of Counsel to Seek

You may have heard the saying that if you study three different perspectives on any subject you can become an expert on that subject.  Although I'm not sure about being an expert in something as if you have "hit a glass ceiling" in what you can learn, I get the general point.  When I was studying weight lifting, I read through three comprehensive books and talked to others who lifted.  As you talk and read, you soon recognize when you are starting to hear the basics repeat themselves in different ways.  Now you are prepared with the essential knowledge base.  Other subjects that have more critical risks and possibly greater rewards may require more extensive studying.  

Summing It Up

All humans are limited in their ability to see the "big picture" in any subject because of narrow frameworks and blindspots.  Our ability to focus on specific things can have a positive or negative effect on our lives depending on the subject or content of our focus since what we focus on generally affects the direction we head in life.  In order to expand our perspective we need any where from "three experts" to a multitude of counselors with knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience in any specific subject.

Your Application

So what subjects do you focus your attention and thoughts on throughout the day?  Are the subjects positive, negative, truthful, assumptions, etc?  Do you seek adequate counsel on subjects of importance?  What are your thoughts on where you are at and headed in focus and perception followed by wise counsel and helpful perspectives? 

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