Three Essential Factors in Change

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In this article on three essential factors in change we will be discussing willingness, capability, and motivation in general and how they relate to and affect change.  Here's a brief summary of these factors:

Three Essential Factors in Change

Willingness- Willingness involves making an honest effort to change and grow and springs from knowing or seeing the need for change as well as respect for your own conscience. Seeing the need for change and positive growth and improvement involves an openness on the part of an individual as well.

Capability- Capability is the ability mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even physically to face the task of personal growth and improvement at any given time.  We all go through seasons in our lives that are more difficult than other seasons and we all seem to have our individual approaches and timing for change and growth.

Three Essential Factors in Change

Motivation- Motivation involves giving ourselves a compelling reason to change and/or overcoming common obstacles to our personal growth and change.  Some of these obstacles are laziness, stubborn resistance, living by our feelings, excusemaking and blameshifting to name a few.  With a compelling reason and inner motivation we can overcome these demotivating hurtles in our lives and move forward into real and lasting change.  

In Summation

True and lasting change involves the three factors of willingness, capability, and motivation.  Willingness starts with openness and continues on with attentiveness to our conscience and an honest effort to make lasting change.  Capability deals with ability in the moment to face and do what is necessary to change.  Capability to change is affected by the season of life someone is in and where they are in their personal growth and development. Motivation to change involves overcoming demotivating factors in our lives as well as finding reasons to move forward into positive change.

Your Application

So where are you at in regard to personal growth, change, and development?  Are you open and willing to change?  Do you have the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical capabilities to face and walk through specific changes in your life right now.  If not now, when would you guess you will be ready?  Are you motivated to change and if not, what is your plan to overcome demotivation in your life?  What motivates you into positive and healthy change?  Which of the three essential factors in change do you need to work on the most and what is your plan for personal change and growth?

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