A few helpful tips to help you start your blog

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Starting a blog can be a daunting thought, it brings up all sorts of questions like, how do I start?  And, what do I write about?  The great thing is if you are thinking about writing a blog and you're not sure where to start there are loads of bloggers out there all offering to help you get going with their expertise. 

Many first time bloggers are terrified by the idea of starting a blog.  All sorts of fears start to surface, we might feel vulnerable, worrying about being judged or not being a good enough writer, and then there's that all-important issue of what on earth to write about.

The great thing is you don't have to be a professional writer to be a blogger - it's actually much more simple than it first seems.  The general idea is that a blog needs to be easy to read, interesting and value driven.

Bloggers like Jeff Goins and Darren Rowse have made a living from blogging and have a wealth of knowledge.  Here are some useful tips that I have picked up along the way that you may also find helpful.

  • Your blog needs to be easy to read.  Imagine you are writing to an eleven-year-old.  People are so busy these days, they get inundated with content and become impatient, so they need to be able to scan.  Keeping your paragraphs short makes it easier to read, it can also be useful to give each paragraph a subheading in bold to break it up.

  • Use an image.  A good image can draw your reader in.  Find one that is relevant and catches their attention.  There are sites that offer free images, Canva offers loads in various sizes for different social media platforms and you can adapt them and edit the text.

  • Identify your expertise.  What is obvious to you but amazing to others?  Consider your skills, talents and ideas, this is where your value lies.

  • Give your blog a structure.  Start with an introduction that draws the reader in, then the body of the blog should have all the relevant information for your readers.  Lastly, end with a conclusion to round up your points and have a call to action, this could be asking them to follow you on social media, leave a comment or ask them to share it.

  • Be yourself.  People want to see the real you, and most importantly they want to know, like and trust you.  Identify your expertise and share with them, ask your audience what they want, don't guess.  Ask them 'how can I better serve you?'.  Give them what they want, don't make them pay you - they want to feel valued.

So there it is, a few simple but useful points that will hopefully guide you towards starting your blog if that's what you want to do.  It may sound obvious but value is invaluable and you will build trust and the readers will follow.  Everyone wants to feel valued.  Let them have it!

Enjoy and see you soon :)

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