Learn to trust the process

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trust the process

Now that was something totally new to me when I first heard of it from Abraham Hicks. Coming from a family where it's very traditional, get an education, get a job and so on, the unknown didn't have its place in life. However, it has now become my go-to, especially when I start to feel fear or feel stuck in my life (personal and business).

Surrender and let go

If you're like me, this may not be an easy concept to grab because you've never really got used to it, but I promise it's worth it. It basically means that instead of resisting your fears and emotions, you embrace them. When you do that, it's like a huge weight is being taken off of your shoulders. It releases stress and it just feels good.

Have faith that all will work out

That really is what it's all about. And I believe that without this, without faith, you can't succeed as an entrepreneur. That's why about 95% of the people fail as an entrepreneur. Because there's this crazy belief that becoming an online entrepreneur, that building an online business is easy. That it can happen overnight. This is ridiculous. Literally. If you want it, you're going to have to go for it. And that means, leaning into the unknown. Which is why the only thing you can rely on is yourself, and having faith that it'll all work out for you.

Practice, practice, practice

As I mentioned, it's a process. Something to learn, especially if you're not coming from an environment that embrace this approach of life. So what I would suggest is listen to Abraham Hicks daily. I mean it. Every day, listen to one Youtube Video of Hicks around the topic of trusting the process, having faith. The whole idea around this is to start shifting your mindset. To start making new connections and get rid of the old ones.

Reprogram your brain

That really is what it's about. You want to create new connections, meaning new paths of thoughts that will help you move forward instead of keeping you stuck in a place. That doesn't apply online for changing your life, on the career side. It applies for everything in your life. Your professional life, but also your personal life. It's more a way of living, a philosophy than anything else actually. The amazing thing is that it can take you anywhere you want once you really master it. It can also prevent you from going into dark places that you may be used to go.

My go-to when fear pops in

When I decided to quit corporate, I had huge fears, especially around money. The problem is that these fears can really keep you stuck. They kept me stuck for about 20 years. It's only when I started to put myself into the Law Of Attraction, and started to learn to let go that these fears that would hold me back began to go away. As I said, it takes practice. It's a daily work but it really is worth it. When you start to be able to control these fears because you're able to let go, your whole life changes. In a positive way.

Your frequency raises

That's also when you start attracting more positive things into your life. By letting go, you're going to start having more positive thoughts coming in. Which will help raise your frequency, meaning you feel better. And as per the rule of the Law Of Attraction, you will attract more positivity into your life. Be it people, ideas, opportunities... Your life starts then to shift and being able to observe it and to experience it is pretty amazing.



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