Unique Transformation within 7 days!

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Create your unique Transformation within 7 days!


Yes you are reading correctly, I´ve been running companies and projects in various forms for almost 20 years, and both had ups and downs, especially I´ve made a lot of mistakes and it´s them I learned the most from. In the successful moments, my greatest lesson is to believe and respect the intuition and share it with others who also see opportunities as well as solutions in general. Divine Desgn is a part of the MM21, Multivariate Mindset 21. http://digitalbloggers.com/self-improvement/multivariate-mindset-21-transformation-english

There are already a fantastic 7-days video accessible for free when you sign in below, take a look at all seven videos and reinforce the effect by adding a mindset with clear and explict focus for each weekday, this is a model you can use in all contexts you want to develop within. The combination and interaction with the 7-days videos and 7-days mindset create the unique state for your lifestyle, structure for Transformation, thats why I chose to call it a divine design!

We ignore small talk and go straight to the focused 7-days mindset, keywords for Sunday to Monday included, if you want further knowledge and detailed instructions send me a message.

Sundays; Consiusness-Potential-Essence-Reflection-Selfenergy-InnerPresence-Observation-Acceptance

Mondays; Interaction-Joy-Compassion-Emotion-Senses-Love-Exchange-Relation-Health-Belonging-Including

Tuesdays; Action-Implement-Energetic-Pushing-Enterprising-Select-Happiness-Success-Guidance-Presence-Inspire

Wednesdays; Business-Communication-Rythm-Timing-Discernment-Balance-Flow-Creative-CoCreator-Solutions

Thursdays; Expansion-Intention-Power-Desires-Realization-Unbound-Meditation-Transformation-Trust-Attention-Enable

Fridays; Independence-Freedom-Fearless-Integrality-Flexibility-Curiosity-Centered-Peaceful-Gentle-InnerSecurity

Saturdays; Construction-Intuition-Discipline-Insight-Perception-Expression-Talent-Matching-Harmony-Lifetask-Connection

By structuring weekdays with different headlines in the backhead of your mind, priority is given to all aspects you need to achieve your own unique future.

Enjoy and find your own unique mindset for now!

In service,




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